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    Lvl Up Expo Pictures 2017 | Day Three

    nier automata 2017

    The last day was a blast and had plenty of awesome cosplays to offer! Check out Day One and Day Two Cosplay pictures! Did we step into a rundown city by accident instead of a convention hall? Anyone wanna hop into Final Fantasy?   Who doesn’t love Pokemon?   The Anbu didn’t stand much of […]

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    Should I bother buying a Nintendo Switch?

    Should I Bother Buying a Nintendo Switch? The Switch is the latest console entry from Nintendo.  Like most of Nintendo’s previous console it is an entry that is unique and totally different from its competitors as it offers both a fully portable game style and a traditional console based system.  With the release of Nintendo’s […]

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    The Most Common Gaming Stereotypes.

    video game stereotypes

    Common Gamer Stereotypes Stereotypes. I absolutely love stereotypes.  They are just so blatantly funny to analyse. In gaming culture there are a number of negative stereotypes that are harmful, and just plain mean. Namely all gamers are teenagers who life in their mom’s basement have no girlfriend and waste their time in on a pointless […]

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    10 Best Cosplay That Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

    Cosplay is a fun hobby that some talented artists take to the next level and leave the rest of us mere mortals realizing how far we still have to go to get our outfits to look anything like what we are trying to replicate. Take a look at these cosplayers that will stun you with […]

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    Level Up Expo Pictures | Day Two 2017

    Lvl Up expo cosplay

    Day two of Lvl Up is over and day three has started. But for anyone wondering what it’s like, here is a glimpse.   There were a lot more people than on Friday. As you can see, the Akatsuki were out in full numbers.   And so were many other awesome characters.     Are we […]

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    Lvl Up Expo Cosplay Pictures 2017 | Best of Day One

    Welcome to the first day of 2017’s Lvl Up Expo cosplays! Darth Vader and Kylo Ren are definitely up to no good…   Can we have an anime convention without some Death Note? I think not.   Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, am I close? But they didn’t last long (no cosplays were hurt in […]

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    10 Games Like Bioshock – Scary First Person Adventures

    What is a game like Bioshock? It would be hard to find any game that is very similar to Bioshock as it is a stunning piece of incredibly unique work. However, we put together a list of games that do have some similarities, no one game offers everything Bioshock does but each has its’ own […]