10 Best Cosplay That Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

Cosplay is a fun hobby that some talented artists take to the next level and leave the rest of us mere mortals realizing how far we still have to go to get our outfits to look anything like what we are trying to replicate.

Take a look at these cosplayers that will stun you with the insane detail in their outfits, well practiced poses, and great photography.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy

Photographed by Micheal Dominguez.

I may not be a robotic dinosaur but I think I might starting running…that bow looks pretty epic, pretty deadly and  illyne as Aloy makes me have a whole new respect for cosplayers.

Overwatch: D. Va

Photographed by 2AO Design

A mix of bratty, cute, and I could kill you if I wanna… Aza Miyuko as D. Va is one of the best I have seen.


Nier Automata: YoRHa No. 2

Thanks Misa Chiang for making us all wanna be a android.


Assassins Creed: Arno

Photographed by Anne-Fleur Boortman

Don’t we all wanna look as cool as Rick Bower when we buy an Assisan’s Creed hoodie and try to look dark and brooding… I don’t think we do… It would take hours upon hours to get this look right.

Dishonored 2: Emily Kaldwin

Photographed by kmitenkova

Another assassin I don’t think I wanna mess with, pretty sure Isilmarille as Emily Kaldwin would look out of place at a gaming convention and more at home in an ancient castle slaying guards who have betrayed her.

Overwatch: Mercy

After all those killers I think we all need some healing. Thanks Chrix Design for this stunning cosplay.

Diablo III: Lord of Terror

Wanna meet Krisdel Ingress as Diablo III Lord of Terror in a dark alley somewhere? I would run… not ashamed to say that at all.

Devil May Cry: Lady

When it comes to big guns, Narga has us all beat.

Metal Gear Rising: Raiden

Pretty sure Xailas7 cosplay hair looks better than my real hair ever has… Oh, and the armor is pretty good too.

Final Fantasy XV: Prince Noctis

Am I looking at a screenshot of the game or a really good photo of Krisild as Notcis? Anyone? Still not sure… might have to stare at it for another hour to figure out.

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