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Creating 2D Games in Unity 4.5 Workshop Part 1

Discussion in 'Workshops' started by Workshop, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Workshop

    Workshop New Member

    This is a step by step guide of everything you need to know to make a 2D game in Unity 4.5. Each video has been indexed for your convenience.

    #1 - Introduction:

    1:42 You need proficiency in C#
    3:00 C# Courses
    4:20 MMO Series
    5:45 Requires Unity 4.5

    #2 - Intro to 2D:

    1:30 Scene view orthographic
    3:00 Main camera also orthographic
    3:41 Difference between orthographic and perspective
    4:53 Orthographic camera does not use 3rd axis
    6:08 Perspective camera utilizes foreshortening
    6:46 Why switch between 2D and 3D?
    7:52 Object could be invisible due to Unity being 3D
    9:15 Camera different than scene view

    12:15 Intro to sprites
    13:21 Importing sprites/textures
    14:34 Types of sprites (2D vs. 3D)
    16:05 Texture atlases and performance increase
    19:20 What happens when you place textures
    21:21 Shaders and colors (colors independent)
    23:45 Telling Unity that a material is an atlas
    25:20 Sprite mode
    26:24 Ways to cut a sprite into pieces
    30:47 Make sure you drag out specific subtextures
    33:26 Setting pivot point for sprites
    35:40 Holding control to stretch sprites
    37:12 How to set sprite scale
    39:10 2048x2048 textures
    41:08 Slicing non-grid textures using automatic option
    44:30 Automatic mode won't work perfectly in all cases
    48:14 Fixing errors caused by transparent feathering
    52:36 Fiking verlapping auto sprite cuts
    55:31 Placing newly imported sprites
    56:19 Default pivot points are important
    1:00:10 Sorting layers

    #3 - Prefabs and Player:

    1:31 Setting layers to prevent accidental clicking
    2:50 Creating a prefab and benefits for tiling
    4:25 Snapping objects in Unity
    5:58 Pixel to unit conversion
    8:32 Why prefab single objects?
    13:10 Pungi stick prefab explanation
    15:30 Creating player
    17:24 Scaling macro prefab
    18:54 Why chop up parts of player?
    20:49 Parenting body parts to player prefab
    22:01 Setting player layer and assigning parts to layer
    23:20 Codifying body parts
    23:52 Prefabbing player
    25:30 Saving

    #4 - Moving Platforms

    1:11 Creating first C# script (path definition)
    2:32 Script view in Visual Studio
    4:08 Visualizing path view on Unity using gizmos
    5:20 Ensuring there are enough points to make path
    7:13 How to create a path definition in Unity
    8:52 Setting point array in C#
    10:35 Componants of game objects in relation to scripting
    13:03 Setting icons make them clickable
    13:47 Creating script that will receive reference
    15:39 How to return a numerator
    17:45 Return statements won't work
    19:20 Iterator syntax
    22:37 Indexing the code
    23:06 Creating 2nd follow path script

    Video 5

    Part 2:
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    HelpFull Thank you bro ^^

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