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Forum Rules (of awesomeness)

Discussion in 'New Here' started by QueenSpryo, Aug 26, 2016.

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  1. QueenSpryo

    QueenSpryo Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to Kaidus Community!

    This is the forum for the new independent gamer website Kaidus.com which will be launching in January, 2017. We want to build a community of independent developers to be able to share their games and get good critique from fellow users, exposure for their project, and build a fan base for their product. We also want to build a community of those that love to simply play games, to test independent games and discuss nonindependent ones.

    General posting and interaction

    Be polite
    We appreciate and respect lively conversation, debates, opinions, critique, and the sharing of information. However we do not support any harmful, demeaning, or pointless language. Advice sharing is appreciated and encouraged but try to keep your opinions and critiques constructive. We will not tolerate abusive language or mean spirited posts.

    No Bullying
    No one should feel like their idea, opinion, or work is stupid or worthless. We want a positive environment for everyone involved where developers can learn from each other and their fans can view their work and offer critique. Even if someone is asking something or posts something that seems lame or stupid to you, be respectful when you reply or just don't reply at all.

    Stand up for others
    As a member it is your duty to ensure other members do not take things too far as well. Try to keep the fight fair. If your opinion has already been stated there is no need to keep reiterating it. If you see someone getting attacked numerous times over the same issue, even if you do not agree with them, discourage the negative attitudes of those critiquing and stand up for the under dog. The whole point of Kaidus Community and Kaidos.com is to give the independent gamers and developers a voice, pass on the kindness and help to give each other a voice if you see someone getting an unreasonable amount of criticism or harsh responses.

    No Adult Themed Content
    Nowhere on Kaidus Community will pornography, nudity , or other similar adult themed content be allowed.

    Kaidus Square

    New Here
    Say hello! We wanna meet ya! Also included are these rules and other information you may need later on.

    Lvl Up Expo 2017
    We are gonna be going, are you?! Share anything to do with the convention here, discuss, share, and let's make it a party!

    Forum Games
    Have fun, get to know others, start something entertaining and enjoyable to take part in. Nothing mature or insulting but enjoying having a good time with your other forum members!

    Block 79
    Feel free to introduce any projects you are working on or are a fan of, share pictures, movies, books, art, whatever you want. Think of this as the place everyone wants to be.

    Beta Zone
    Post your game here for others to play it and share critique, advice, or accolades and get excited for your project. We will also give it a try if it is playable and give you some feedback.

    Finished Games
    This section is only to be used by those that have a 100% playable game, minor changes may still be in progress as others play and find glitches but it should be completely playable from start to finish.

    Post about your game here only once per week to keep other users up to date with major changes and progress that you are able to make.

    Feel free to discuss anything here that you want, just keep it mature. Adult subjects can be discussed as long as they are done with respect and an academic attitude endeavoring to examine intently and/or acquire more knowledge.

    Rant Zone
    Had a bad day and need to burn off some steam? Can't believe that the latest game isn't as good as you thought it would be? Feel free to rant and rave here as much as you want.

    Have something you wanna talk about with some intelligent input? Fire away, deep discussions are more than welcome.

    Do I really need to say it? Any gaming related discussion goes here.

    Movies and TV
    Ok, I don't think I need to say it. Pretty simple. I mean...who wouldn't get it? OK fine, movies and tv discussion goes here.

    Link Directory
    To read the rules for this section or post a link, visit the tab at the top of thr page or under Link Directory Guidlines.

    Be respectful and kind to others, make this a fun place to be, and showcase your work or your favorite things. We love games and are excited to be part of this community and will do our best to keep it enjoyable for everyone, do your part and be proactively awesome members!
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