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Free Video Beta Test Review for Game Developers!

Discussion in 'Beta Zone' started by Kaidus, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    We understand its hard to find a beta tester to give you feedback on your game. We will get a video uploaded for everyone who posts a demo version in our Beta Zone.

    What kind of video?
    We will play through the first portions of your game and give you feedback on what feels out of place or missing in your game. If possible we will film as we play your game for the first time so you can see our first impressions. If this particular method does not work well the a certain game we will take notes as we play of our impressions and then mention them as we play through levels in the video.

    Warning! We will be highly critical of EVERYTHING! (insert evil grin and maniacal laughter!)

    Kind of kidding as we will not even be able to notice absolutely everything! However, we are not trying to be mean or harsh. We just want to give you, the developer, a look into what we are really thinking, what may have bothered us, and what we like about your game. We will also be honest, if we are bored, scared, puzzled, annoyed, etc. we will say it. The point of this is to that you can know if your screenshots, trailers, information, and game are sending out the message that you want your players to hear. Consider us your guinea pigs!

    We genuinely want to help you out and help you make the best game possible, we obviously are not going to be an example of everyone who plays your game or even your target audience. Listen to our review, take any advice we give or don't, but either way you will have an honest video of how your game appeared to us. Our reviews do not mean that your game is bad or needs a ton of work, we will just try to be as honest as possible so you can then take that information and do what you want with it :)

    This would be a good place to start if you have already released you game and it is not doing well and you don't know why. Or if you have been working on it so long the shapes are starting to blur together and you just want a fresh pair of eyes.

    These video's will be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the game.

    You will not be charged for this, its a free service we offer.

    All games are applicable for a beta test.

    Please provide a screenshot of your game.
    Explain what your game is about and what you hope to learn from us and our members
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