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Guedin's Attack On Titan: Unofficial Indie Game and Devlog

Discussion in 'Updates / Logs' started by Gamer Girl, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl New Member

    This game is not an official Attack on Titan, it is fan made and they are not trying to profit from it at all. This is also not the official devlog for it but I wanted to share it cause it looks pretty cool.

    I have to say that the I really like the detail in the character and the physics of how he moves around (running, jumping, etc.)


    This game was started in January of 2016 so far it seems that they have a a few short videos of some basic gameplay done as well as the first map (which appears to be a level sort of system) added. The game is downloadable although it is still a work in progress and still having bugs worked out of it. Their latest post was from a few days ago so this game is continually being upgraded and updated.

    The First Map: Trost


    Features (so far):
    You are able to use both the rockets and cables to propel yourself around the city and the attack targets with your double swords.

    Multiplayer will be added in a future release.

    They also modified the graphics options so that you can lower them to what your computer can handle.

    Air propulsion switching to cable.

    This game looks pretty cool so far and I wouldn't mind checking it out when I have the time.

    The only thing stopping me is that I would really like to fight the Titans in a battle and not just run around the city. Also, the city looks kind of blank, although I know in the show it wasn't that pretty but a little variation in the buildings or roads would be nice. Hopefully they add more details (and I am sure the titans are coming too!) later on in production and then I will be very interested in trying it out! Not gonna lie, the titans scare the crap out of me but the idea of being able to fight them sounds awesome!

    I also love it when fans make a game about what they enjoy so hopefully this game just gets bigger and better.

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