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Localized Dialog Plugin- RPG Character Dialogue, conversation, cutscenes

Discussion in 'Unity' started by Zipo Deathlite, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Workshop Creator: Mel Georgiou
    Length: 42 minutes
    Type Video Tutorial

    Workshop uses the Localized Dialog Plugin. (link for reference, this plugin costs 95$) Plugin makes it easy to manage and create cut-scenes with very little scripting.

    Explains how to properly configure the localized Dialog plugin and create an RPG style character dialogue that moves in from left to right (red arrows). You will learn to create the screenshot below.

    Localized dialogue plugin unity tutorial.jpg

    Video:1 - Length 10:51

    Video:2 - Length 16:30

    Video:3 - Length 14:40


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