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Monster MMORPG | Overview | Review | An Interview with Furkan Gozukara

Discussion in 'Interviews' started by Zipo Deathlite, Aug 29, 2016.

By Zipo Deathlite on Aug 29, 2016 at 1:11 AM
  1. Everyone wished the old pokemon games were online multiplayer games. Adventure and battle monsters in this exciting browser based game in the online world of Monster MMORPG. Free to play and register in minutes.


    Presenting an interview with Furkan Gozukara, developer of Monster MMORPG

    What is the Goal of Monster MMORPG

    Furkan Gozukara “Providing a unique, cheat free, browser based gaming experience to the players that which are looking for an online multiplayer Pokémon (pets to battle/collect/train, maps to travel/explore, etc.) style game."

    As your game is based off Pokemon, have you improved any elements beyond Pokemon?

    Furkan Gozukara “Yes we definitely did. We have improved/replaced/changed everything that can violate copyrights of Nintendo. Such as completely new move list (3,000 different moves), 520 high quality made from scratch game maps, new ability pool system, new nature system, new battle mechanics, new live PvP system, new buy/trade/sell system, new top trainers ranking system, new integrated chat system, and many more to explore.”

    I understand online worlds continue to grow, how do you envision your game in 5 years?

    Furkan Gozukara “Currently we believe that our dreamed game is completed about 15% of its final stage. We plan to redesign whole interface, add massive new content to game such as official and players made custom tournaments, achievement system, guilds system etc. So after we reach certain point of completeness, we believe that our active user count will explode and game will become much more popular and fun to play.”

    Which feature do you feel is holding your game back the most?

    Furkan Gozukara “Definitely our current layout. The layout composition started with 0 knowledge of required programming frameworks. Because of this very reason, it requires a total recode. Complete revamp of the game layout/interface will make the biggest impact. The current layout also holding back adding new features to the game.”

    Do you have plans for a more fluid camera movement?

    Furkan Gozukara “Current movement system requires whole page postbacks (server communication prevents cheating unlike rival similar games). At the new interface (we call it as V3), the movement system will be improved 100%. It will require minimal server communication and it will have much more fluent camera movement. Also it won’t require you to move in order to update other players’ movement.”

    Does your game have a sense of community where players can get to know eachother?

    Furkan Gozukara “Currently we have 3 different features to provide social communication between players. First and perhaps to most effective is integrated chat system. This chat panel is custom coded and at the main game page you can chat with other players. It has 30+ different language channels so you can also chat at your native language. The second one is well enough working private message (PM) system. The third one is our dedicated forums. However we still lack some very important features. Such as friend system, and live private message system like Facebook have. Both of them are planned. Also achievement system still a lacking feature. The current chat screen and PM system will be also greatly improved at V3.”

    What other ways can players interact with eachother?

    Furkan Gozukara “Players can sell their items at the market. Since all items are currently available in the market, there is a top price limitation. Also players can buy/sell/trade monsters at the bazaar. In addition players can have live PvP battle (not controlled by computer but by players). It is turn based.”

    What is your favorite monster, are there rare monsters?

    Furkan Gozukara “My favorite monster is #18 Vesuverex. It is kind of Trex dinosaur monster. We have 7 different classes of monsters. The last 3 classes are rare monsters (which do not have multiple stages). The classes determines which moves they can learn, how much stats they will have, how rare they will appear, and etc. basically their power and value. Our emissary class monsters can have up to 4 different stages. Their 4’th stage is at the power range of lowest rare class (zenith) monsters. All monsters expect starters are available to catch. However some monsters may not be available on maps at that given time since we randomly assign monsters on maps time to time. We also recently started catching starter monsters on maps at the weekends. You can change your starter monster any time you want from your control panel.”

    What ways can monsters get stronger?

    Furkan Gozukara “Monster do get stronger by each level they get. However there are 5 other mechanics that determines power. (1) Unique Values (UV). UV stats are determined upon entering a battle with a wild monster and they never change. (2) Training Points (TP). TP points are gained after each successive wild monster battle. They can be increased and decreased via items purchased from market. Both of them determine monster stat values. (3) Natures directly affects stat values of Monsters and they never change. (4) Abilities. Abilities helps your monsters to be wall (good defense) or sweeper (good attack). And finally (5) you can mount 1 item to your monster. That item can provide have stat boost or other effects.”

    Other than capturing monsters, what else can players expect to do?

    Furkan Gozukara “Top trainers ranking system aims most fair scoring system. This system targets having as many as different monsters, as much as possible highest average EXP and level. Also collecting badges have impact too. In order to collect badges, a lot of tough NPC trainers need to be defeated and all of the maps need to be explored. Exploring maps will be certainly fun. Also players do make unofficial PvP tournaments at the forum. Participating these tournaments another fan port of the game. However core of the game is still missing. We plan to put official tournaments, PvP maps, PvP based ranking system and guilds system to the core of the game. Also achievements system will be very nice additions.”

    What inspired you to create monsterMMORPG?

    Furkan Gozukara “We had to do a PhP (web programming language) project at my third (I am a computer engineer) year in the university. My friend advised me to do a Pokémon Online game. So we did a very simple one but after releasing it to the public we saw the great demand in Online Pokémon games from Pokémon fans. So we did a better version of it as our graduation project. After that I alone continue to develop it and opened to public as PokemonCraft. After 2 years, game became very successfully and for the long run, the game is converted into the Monster MMORPG game.”

    What do you enjoy the most about making video games?

    Furkan Gozukara “When people enjoy from my game and give me a nice feedback, I get the most enjoyment from making games. Also developing something, solving challenges and improving your skills another fan part.”

    Do monsters evolve / transform?

    Furkan Gozukara “All monsters can have multiple stages expect rare class monsters (zenith, legendary, ancient). The first form is the most basic form. All rare monsters are genderless and they have only single form. All starter monsters do have 3 forms. Basic, stage 1 and stage 2. Emissary class monsters can have basic, stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3. Stage 3 forms are in the power range of lowest class rare monsters (zenith). There are many different requirements for monsters’ transformations. But each one requires certain level. There are 2 different ways of transforming your monster. Either from my team page or from my items page. Some monsters do require item usage to change stage and for such transformation you need to go to my items page.”

    If you could do anything you wanted to Monstermmorpg with any budget, what would it be?

    Furkan Gozukara “It would be an awesome complete interface re-design and art quality improvement on bad looking monsters’ images and items’ images.”
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Discussion in 'Interviews' started by Zipo Deathlite, Aug 29, 2016.

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