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Discussion in 'Updates / Logs' started by Zipo Deathlite, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. As of this update the game is already close to 50% complete

    In this game you play as a cute hamster in the world of awesome! HA There is a cool take on gravity where the world spins as you move and there are various puzzles as you adventure through the game.

    What is cool however is its an ongoing adventure, where all the puzzle worlds are connected and you get from island to island by jumping on mushrooms (see youtube video at bottom of post)

    The game's story has not yet been released, I'll try to update this thread with more details as they are released.

    Of course there are magical doors as well!

    Naturally this game is also an adventure game with a very polished dialog system and a world full of other fuzzy cute critters.

    The graphics are very subtle and simple as to not take away from the overly cute hamsters.

    Here is a demo video of the current demo release.

    One suggestion for this game from watching the video is the camera effect almost seems a bit annoying when watching, how the world spins. While this is a novelty of the game, perhaps there is a more fluid way to handle this motion. One suggestion would be to have the world begin spinning as you get closer to the ledge. Without testing however there is no guarantee this would work.

    If you want to follow the developer on twitter here as the release date is not yet provided.

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