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What would you consider the perfect game?

Discussion in 'Block 79' started by Zipo Deathlite, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. I feel a perfect game will be unique to each individual, we are all different with unique past experiences likes and interests.

    Personally I feel the technology is not yet available to craft the perfect game, as to me the perfect game would be similar to the anime sword art online, where we could go inside and explore the video game. For me the perfect video game would allow me to feel like I am part of the game, full control and feeling of my surroundings.

    Take the picture below. When I play games they often feel more like I'm watching a move than actually blocking a giant sword.

    The entertainment industry has always teased us with these futuristic ideas that make us want it more and more, yet these ideas are still far out of reach.

    What do you consider the perfect game, does it need these futuristic ideas to be perfect?
  2. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl New Member

    I think Kingdom Hearts is probably one of my favorite games and got closest to be perfect so far, although I wouldn't say that it was. For me I need it to be challenging but doable, I need good graphics and a cool story/design so it is a world I want to be part of because it looks great, and it needs to be relatively easy to jump into. If I have to spend a long time learning controls or strategies I get bored, I want to run around and explore, solve some puzzles, and be able to play without putting a ton of research or effort in. Most of the games I have played are either way too easy or way too hard. If it was just the right amount challenging, had a gorgeous world I wanted to be in (possibly like LOTR or POTC :p) and then amazing things you can learn, explore, wear, pick up, I would like it a lot. Basically I just want to go on an amazing adventure and every time I play a game with annoying controls, bad story/graphics, too hard/easy it ruins it. I don't think I would need it to be SOA level or VR but maybe that would be necessary, I'm not sure.
  3. QueenSpryo

    QueenSpryo Administrator Staff Member

    Hmmmm... I guess it kind goes back to what you enjoy. A perfect horror game is going to be totally different than a perfect puzzle game. I personally cannot stand the graphics in Minecraft but tons of people love the game so I guess for some people a perfect game could exist without being totally immersive and for others the perfect game will never exist until VR becomes a thousand times better than it already is.

    I think the perfect game would be one where not once do you think, "Oh man! I wish I could do ____." or "I wish they had done__________ with the game" You should walk away after playing completely satisfied and not even thinking about how it could be better. I'm not sure that will ever even be possible.
  4. Workingbuck

    Workingbuck New Member

    I had play lots of great games, at least on my point of view they made me feel they are great games. But as Zipo said, the tech we have might not be able to make a perect game. And I do agree with QueenSpyro, we cannot please everybody. Just like a lot of gamers out there, I have friends who love playing Dota 2 but really hate League of Legends and vice-versa. But for me, I love both of those games. In the end, I think, It's not about how and what the game is. It's still how much the gamer enjoys the game.
  5. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    There are already a lot of games that I like, they are almost perfect for me: dark souls 3, the witcher 3, overwatch, life is strange etc
    Now I would like to play something new, dark, with an epic soundtrack like dark souls 3 has and in virtual reality.

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