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Discussion in 'Movies and TV' started by RazTutu, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    I just finished again the entire series and I thought it wiill be a good idea to share my feelings with you. I didn't like the idea of X-Men at first. I admin that I wasn't a fan years ago(maybe because they have a bad marketing team or their trailers aren't so good). Anyway, I regret that I didn't like at first. I started with X-Men in chronological order and finished with Apocalypse. What a masterpiece. I liked everything about Charles. Everytime I saw a scene with him I knew that it will be something epic(in once scene he died and I screamed loud but this is another story). Another person that could make me have "Charles" feeling is Magneto. He may be a bad guy but he just wanted to fight for his brothers and I liked it. In apocalypse he made a family, a child but in the end the humans killed them and then he became bad again ( I know, humans may be very bad and some of them deserve a punch in the face).
    Anyway, the best X-Men movies for me were X-Men the first class and X-Men The days of future past. So many feelings here.. Logan is also an imporant character but for me Charles and Erik were the stars. Talking about Logan, he will perform in his last X-Men movie next year. It will be a masterpiece, I guarantee it.
    I highly recommend X-Men for everyone. It teaches us how to see the world, how to see the others and " people fear what they can not understand".
    If there are any X-Men fans, I would really like to have a little chat with them :)
    I look forward to see your answers.
  2. Thiago

    Thiago Member

    What an awesome movie, i think X-Men was the first Super Hero movie i ever watched.
    I remember first seeing a glipse of X-Men at Wal-Mart when i was a kid, and later that day we went to BlockBuster and got it.
    I enjoyed it so much, such a badass movie, My favorite X-Men was Wolverine.
    Even today i enjoy it a lot, it's my third favorite X-Men movie, the first being Days of Future Past and the second one being X-Men First Class.
    Just like Raztutu I highly recommend this movie series if you haven't watched them already.

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