Funny Tower Defense Games Like Plant Versus Zombies

Funny tower defense games Like Plant Versus Zombies

If you came to the extended list from the main article, than please skip over the first two games. I was a big lazy pants and just copy and pasted them.

Plant versus Zombies has a unique and zany humor that is hard to replicate. I think there are very few tower defense games that come close to reaching the surreal style of humor present in the Plants Versus Zombies franchise.

This might be why very few tower defense game live up to its’ standard.

Here are some of the zaniest and funniest tower defense games I can find.


(iOS – Android – Steam)

OTTTD stands for over the top tower defense, and that is exactly what it is. Galactic peace has been achieved, and the coffers of mercenary groups are growing low – so they open a dimensional rift and go to war in another dimensions. And it is as insane as it sounds. It has some of the most incredible and memorable enemies to battle, such as a ghostly cactus.

What it’s about:

There are a number of hero classes you can choose from, multiple paths for the customization of the towers, there are loads of enemies to encounter and combat. So everything that you would expect from a typical defense tower. It also has a great story that is jam-packed with over the top spoof like humor.

The game has amusing features, it features dead plants that are close to being zombies, and it’s a tower defense. It sounds like it should be the perfect tower defense game for a Plants versus Zombie fan, but the humor does have a slightly different tone and the game-play does vary a little.

Jelly defense

(iOS – Android)

Jelly defense, much like Plants Versus Zombies, is a tower defense game that marches to the sound of its own beat. It is so unique it’s almost wrong to try and compare it to other tower defense games. Not because the tower defense elements are amazing, but because it is more a work of art than it is a game.

What it’s about:

The game is based on an alien planet full of jelly like creatures that come under-attack by an invading enemy force. You build towers to defend the Jelly population against the invading army. It may sound like a typical tower defense game, but the aesthetics is something else entirely. Words are unable describe it and only the screen-shots can do this beautifully render world justice.

You should see the cut scenes. They are jaw-dropping.

It is similar to Plants versus Zombies because it’s so very unique, and is almost incomparable to other tower defense games on the market. However, it has no plants or zombies within it, which might leave it lacking. And other than being beautiful it does little to give a unique playing style.

Bloons TD5

(iOS – Android)

Bloons is a tower defense that revolves around an unrelenting invasion of balloons, that can only be stopped by monkey kind.

What it’s about:

Monkey kind first tackle the problem of the invading balloon army through the use of blow darts and soon begin expanding their arsenal of tricks to deflate the army of unrelenting balloons through an increasingly zany array of towers – like blimps, helicopters and even super monkeys.

The game is goofy, has a lot of modes and content to play through, and it is fun to play through it. Not only is it funny, but it is a solid tower defense game.

It has some really good animations, is really bright and might be the kind of game children would really respond to.


It is a fun and funny tower defense that is very simple to play. It is the latest in a series of five. It lacks anything zombie related or plant based but it has humor and there is a versus element.

Tower Madness 2

(iOS – Android)

Tower Madness believes that the only thing preventing an alien invasion of Earth are militant sheep manning various gun turrets, and missile batteries.

It’s quite bah-my. Oh, come on, you’d think less of me if I didn’t for the obvious pun.

What it’s about:

Although the initial premise is kind of insane, I find the concept also kind of great. But madness kind of fails to deliver on the insanity angle.

It does turn out to be an amazing solid tower defense and one that is enjoyable and great to play. There is an extensive amount of content for you to play through with multiple modes of play and over seventy levels.

As it is a freemium game it is regularly updated with new maps and levels meaning the content is always expanding.  It has to be noted that it does suffer from freemium devices though.

Again, there is a lack of plant and zombies in this game. And the humor doesn’t quite match up with Plants VS Zombies.


This section only has four games in it. That’s how hard it is to find a tower defense that is able to do the funny as well.

Toy Soldiers War Chest is a good fifth candidate but has been reviewed under console tower defenses.

If it is comedy that you’re looking for in a game, it may be best to try out some of these classics in other genres:

  • Toy Soldiers War Chest
  • Monkey Island (Steam)
  • Sam and Max (Steam)
  • Grim Fandango (Steam – Xbox One – PS4)
  • Broken Sword Series (Steam)
  • Octodad : Deadliest Catch ( Steam)
  • Brutal Legend (PC)
  • Saints Row Seires (PC – Xbox One – PS4)
  • South Park Games (PC – Xbox One – PS4)
  • The Disgaea series ( PC – PS4 – Steam)
  • Lego games (PC – Xbox One – PS4)


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