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If you are not familiar with Assassin’s Creed, the aim of the game is to sneak around and take out your targets in the most efficient manner possible. Just like with most stealth games… Read Full Review

Games Similar To Assassins Creed

Good stealth games are very difficult to find. There are plenty of games that have tried to add a stealth mechanic and most have failed miserably.

The tiny minority of games that have added stealth elements and have done a good job have become overnight successes.

That is why you will probably recognize most of the games on the list below. They have all added a working stealth mechanic and have become very popular because of it.

1. Thief

Thief one and two are really the pioneers of good stealth gaming. They paved the way for games such as Assassins Creed to exist and become popular. Thief gives you a small set of burgling and killing tools, and asks you to find your way into a building to steal things. There are numerous ways you may enter the building or compound, but it punishes you for bursting through the door and waving your sword at the guard.

The guards are almost as fast as you when running. They only slow to strike you with their sword, and they are far better fighters than you are. Taking on the guards one by one is a very foolish tactic. Instead, you hide in the shadows, cause distractions, and take the guards by surprise. The guards will chase you, they will search for you in the dark, and they even hear your footsteps as you walk across hard floors.

2. Velvet Assassin

Velvet Assassin is another game that punishes you for trying to blast through the front doors. It plays more like a puzzle game as you have to find the best possible way of taking out each guard by using your small array of tools and the environment around you with lots of crouching and hiding behind stuff in your environment.

It has several differences that make it less of a game than Assassin’s Creed or Thief. There is only really one way of completing each level. There is very little variety. For example, you either hide in the tall reeds until the guard walks away, or you walk up there and get your brains shot out. The killing cut scenes seem to take too long, and the collect X amount of items can get annoying, especially if you are a 100% completion junkie like me.

3. Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 and Assassin’s Creed are almost like two sides of the same coin. You have to sneak up on enemies, your job is to kill them, and you have numerous ways in which you may commit each murder.

Assassin’s Creed took a free-running gymnastic approach, whereas Dishonored 2 took a dark-other-worldly approach where dark arts are your secret weapon.

The graphics are just as good as they are with Assassin’s Creed, and the levels are just as well designed. Both games have very different stories and both offer very different motives for making each kill, but the way the games are played is very similar. Dishonored 2 is definitely a fine choice for people who have completed the Assassin’s Creed series and are looking for something to fill the murder-lust void that Assassin’s Creed left behind.

4. Styx: Master Of Shadows

Styx: Master Of Shadows is an RPG game with a fantasy theme. You have to guide your goblin assassin through a multi-layered tower. Prowl through the dank shadows and use your special abilities to help you reach your target and make your kill.

One of the more unique elements of Styx is that you are a very short but very deadly goblin. You may crawl under tables and beds to hide, you may quickly climb walls to evade your enemies, and there are numerous crawlspaces you can exploit.

It is an adult game with gory kills and foul language. The graphics conform to modern-gen standards, and the sound effects are rich and add to the medieval atmosphere.

Unlike Thief, you are just as good at fighting as you are at stealth kills. However, if you run around doing too much killing, then you are likely to have a whole team of sweaty soldiers trying to poke their swords through your green goblin guts.

5. Metal Gear Solid

Take a step back in time a few years to a time when gamers have played Thief one and two over and over again. There is no talk of a third game and in hindsight we know it is years before the third one is released. Gamers were scratching around trying to find something that rivaled the stealth mechanics seen in Thief. Then…along comes Metal Gear Solid.

The stealth mechanic in Metal Gear Solid works in a very different way to the way it works in Thief. Other than things such as distracting guards with noises and the occasional loud footstep alerting the guards, it had very little in common with Thief.

However, the stealth mechanic in MGS was an effective and integral part of the game and unlike most other stealth games–the stealth mechanic worked. Hide around corners, hide in boxes, and even find a suit that makes you invisible. Take guards by surprise and silently break their necks. The Metal Gear Solid series has shown the world that stealth need not always follow the Thief method.

Not to mention MGS has only gotten prettier with time while also keeping the stealth elements. If the older game graphics turn you off them the new Metal Gear Solid games are like Assassin’s Creed still.

6. Shadow of Mordor

The fighting mechanics are similar to Assassin’s Creed, and there is plenty of jumping from high ledges with feline grace.

7. Prince Of Persia games

Assassins Creed has its fair share of free-running and killing, and the Prince of Persia game also has free running, gymnastics and killing.

8. Tom Clancy’s The Devision

This is another game that tried to add a stealth mechanic and didn’t really succeed in making it work, but the game is still pretty good.

9. Splinter Cell

You may use stealth to gain a mild advantage over your enemies, but most of them have the ability to somehow see you through walls.

10. The Hitman series

 It gets a mention near the end because it is very similar to Assassin’s Creed, but the gaming dynamics are very different.

Hope you like these suggestions, if we left one out leave a comment and let us know what game you think is like Assassin’s Creed!

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