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Games Similar To Elite Dangerous

In an effort to offer you something different, the list featured on this article is of games that are similar to Elite Dangerous, but that have their own selling points that make them unique in the space exploration and space simulation world.

This article doesn’t contain a list of Elite Dangerous clones. Elite Dangerous is a massive game with thousands of players, and few games can compete with that. However, the games listed below have similar themes and elements that may help quench your space simulation thirst.

1. Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy is very similar to Elite Dangerous except for the fact that it is a far smaller game. It will also work on most newer computers without you having to invest in a top of the line gaming computer. It allows you to fly on a single plane, which some people find preferable to the 360 flight game. You can go forwards, backward, left and right, but not up or down.

You start out with a ship and a primary story arc to follow and it is up to you as to if you follow the storyline right away or build up your ship and take on the story mode later. The side quests you undertake are very similar at first, but once you upgrade your ship a few times and once you start buying new ships, you unlock the ability to take on more sophisticated side missions. The combat has received criticism for being too easy, but I found that combat actually required a lot of skill and is a solid part of the game. The upgrades are also fun, and they add to the gameplay experience.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer looks and feels rather dated these days, but the basic premise of the game is very similar to Elite Dangerous. Your job is to scoot around the galaxy completing missions, trading, fighting and smuggling. The scope of the game is very limited, especially when compared to Elite Dangerous, but it does offer many of the space exploration benefits that Elite Dangerous does. Still, moving from Elite Dangerous to Freelancer may be a bit too much of a step backwards for some people. On the other hand, if you have fond memories of playing Freelancer when you were younger, then Elite Dangerous might be a huge leap forward in space and time compared to what you’re used to.

3. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is grounded very deeply in science, where the only similarity it has to Elite Dangerous is that you occasionally go into space.

The Kerbal Space Program is a very well made game. The science and the physics behind the game are far superior to anything else on the market at the moment. Your job is to build a spacecraft that is suitable for whatever sponsored mission you have picked. However, since few players are rocket scientists, it is highly advisable that you watch a few YouTube tutorials first, especially if you are trying to build workable aircraft as well as space faring rocket ships. Fans of space games may get a kick out of the Kerbal Space Program. It truly is a very unique space simulation game.

4. Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online has a lot in common with Elite Dangerous because you are able to cross the galaxy to trade, hunt pirates or join a military operation. The game is also an MMORPG and you may pick a style of gameplay that suits your mood. Vendetta Online is like a scaled-down version of Elite Dangerous. The galaxy is far smaller, there are fewer online players, there are fewer missions, and fewer things to find and/or change.

Vendetta Online shines when it comes to user control. Developers seem to have a hard time creating spaceship games with workable controls because moving around a 360 axis is often disorientating for the player, but the developers of Vendetta Online pulled it off rather elegantly.

5. Oolite

The base game for Oolite is very small when compared with Elite Dangerous but you can add one of the many expansion packs to make it bigger. It was inspired by the 8-bit game Elite, which is probably why it is so similar in theme to Elite Dangerous because Elite Dangerous is actually the fourth sequel to Elite.

Oolite allows you to be a trader, fighter, smuggler, pirate or miner. It is far smaller than Elite Dangerous and it doesn’t come close to matching its scope or graphics. Oolite is a mild distraction for people who want to try something new but who do not want to stray too far from the theme of Elite Dangerous.

6. Star Conflict

Star Conflict is also a massively multiplayer space simulation game, and it may be suitable for people who do not have computers that are powerful enough to play Elite Dangerous.

One could say that Star Conflict is a stripped down version if Elite Dangerous because it doesn’t have the scope or graphics that Elite Dangerous does, plus Star Conflict concentrates more on battles and fighting than any other element. It is the sort of game you play if you want to dash off into space and start blasting things.

The does game has less to offer than Elite Dangerous, it doesn’t have as many weapons or upgrades. It could for people who are a little overwhelmed by the scope and sheer vastness of Elite Dangerous or if you just want to try something new.

7. Star Trek Online

A large and popular MMORPG that takes place within the Star Trek universe providing you with all the joys of Starfleet as you control your own Enterprise and partake in all the adventures this futuristic world has to offer.

8. Evochron Legacy

Craft your own means of survival without any focus on story.

9. Ascent The Space Game

It is very similar to Elite Dangerous and is almost as large.

10. Astrox: Hostile Space Excavation

You start out as a miner and have to scratch a living in order to upgrade and defend your ship.

11. Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

A space strategy game that allows fleet-based play and combat.

If we left out any games like Elite Dangerous that you can think of, leave us a comment and let us know!

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