Lvl Up Expo Pictures


Level Up Expo Pictures | Day Two 2017

Day two of Lvl Up is over and day three has started. But for anyone wondering what it’s like, here is a glimpse.


There were a lot more people than on Friday. As you can see, the Akatsuki were out in full numbers.


And so were many other awesome characters.



Are we in some magical forest from WoW?

night elf cosplay
World of warcraft cosplay


Or was it the Leaf Village?

anbu black ops cosplay
Anbu Asuma Cosplay


Who doesn’t love a little crossover between series?

Anbu R2D2
Anbu Black Ops Cosplay


There were more than a few Sasori, multiple puppets maybe?

Sasori cosplay lvl up
Sasori Cosplay



Lvl Up Expo
Link Cosplay Lvl Up


Not sure what’s going on here…


Creative and awesome take on Umbreon.

Umbreon Cosplay Lvl Up
Umbreon Cosplay

Check out Day 1 and 3 for more photos

Level Up Convention Day 1 Pictures

Level Up Convention Day 3 Pictures

Or this video of a compilation of all 3!



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