Lvl Up Expo Cosplay Pictures 2017 | Best of Day One

Welcome to the first day of 2017’s Lvl Up Expo cosplays!

Darth Vader and Kylo Ren are definitely up to no good…


Can we have an anime convention without some Death Note? I think not.


Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, am I close?

But they didn’t last long (no cosplays were hurt in the making of this photo.)


An awesome ax as well as costumes with these Tokyo Ghoul characters.

Juuzou Cosplay

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay


Anyone’s car need a tune up?

Final Fantasy XV Cidney Cosplay 2017

Final Fantasy XV Cidney Cosplay


The family that cosplays together stays together!

Naruto Akatsuki Cosplay

Lvl Up Expo 2017 Naruto Cosplay


Good news, between all the leaf ninja, akatsuki, and multiple Narutos the building is somehow still standing.

Naruto Choji Cosplay

Choji Cosplay Lvl Up Expo


Any ideas?


Shout out to all the up and coming cosplayers just getting into their groove.

Thanks for reading and there will be more to come!

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Or this video of a compilation of all 3!



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