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Lvl Up Expo Pictures 2017 | Day Three

The last day was a blast and had plenty of awesome cosplays to offer!

Check out Day One and Day Two Cosplay pictures!

Did we step into a rundown city by accident instead of a convention hall?

Bioshock Cosplay
Bioshock 2 Cosplay

Anyone wanna hop into Final Fantasy?

Lightning Cosplay
Lightning Cosplay and Oerba Dia Vanille Cosplay


Who doesn’t love Pokemon?

Serena Pokemon Cosplay
Pokemon Cosplay: Selena and Ash


The Anbu didn’t stand much of a chance sadly.

Anbu Black Ops Cosplay
One Punch Man Cosplay and Anbu Black Ops Cosplay

Voltron: Legendary Defender Allura

Songo even made an appearance!

inuyasha cosplay
Inuyasha Songo Cosplay


Lots of awesome cosplay! If you know who they all are let us know!

Junkrat cosplay
Overwatch Junkrat Cosplay World of Warcraft Night Elf Cosplay


Teen Titans!

Teen Titans Cosplay
Teen Titans Raven Cosplay


Any League of Legends fans out there?

Lvl Up Expo Lulu Cosplay
League of Legends Lulu Cosplay


Don’t mess with these two Prompto…they might dab you to death!

Final Fantasy Prompto Cosplay Lvl Up
Final Fantasy 15 Prompto Cosplay  Thanks to hime.hotaru and another friend.


And our new favorite android even graced us with her presence.


Lvl Up Neo Automota Cosplay
Neo Automota Cosplay by anzyuu

If you know who any of these characters or cosplayers are let us know in the comments below!

Check out Day One and Day Two  Lvl Up Expo Cosplay pictures!

Or this video of a compilation of all 3!

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