Planet Base Review

Planet Base places you on an alien planet where you have create a livable space. The graphics on Planet Base are very well rendered without being over the top, and there are plenty of building options.

Control You Own Planet

Instead of having just one person, you have a team of people who will are ready to build whatever builds you have the blueprints for. You start off with  a team of experts and a few robots, all of whom are able to create high tech oxygen converters, satellite dishes and advanced living quarters. Slowly you will instruct your team to build, connect, and increase the size of your base.

Problems with Planet Base

Survival is made very easy to the point where it makes colonizing a new planet look more like a luxury vacation, although that can also make Planet Base a different kind of fun.

If you have ever wanted to travel to mars but weren’t quite ready to sign your whole life away, then here is your chance to try it out without ever leaving your chair!

Although survival may not be that challenging, Planet Base does still have a lot to offer.

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