Should I bother buying a Nintendo Switch?

Should I Bother Buying a Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is the latest console entry from Nintendo.  Like most of Nintendo’s previous console it is an entry that is unique and totally different from its competitors as it offers both a fully portable game style and a traditional console based system.  With the release of Nintendo’s latest console ‘Should I bother buying a Nintendo Switch?’ is a burning question on the lips of the decisively indecisive. A question that largely only you can answer. Here is a quick run-down of the features for you to oh and umm about.

Should I Buy the Switch for the Game?

Yes, game singular –  it wasn’t a typo. It’s the most important reason that any of us buy a console. I choose to buy PS4 purely because of Order 1886. (I have an English Literature Degree and specialized in medieval romance, I love Sir Thomas Malory.  The Tale of the Green Knight and Balin and Balan are two of the greatest tales ever. I also love steampunk, don’t judge me.) The Nintendo Switch has launched with only one game to speak of, Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wind. I am a huge fan of the Zelda, and I have heard that this game is the best in the series from a die-hard Ocarina of Time fan (you know how critical those people are.)

So by all accounts, it is a game worth buying a console for – but do you have to? The answer is no, if you are a Nintendo Wii-U owner then you get enjoy Zelda without the $320 console tax.

But erm, yeah you’ve read my Order 1886 comment – so I’ve bought a console for a game that was below mediocre.

Nintendo has promised other first party games that look extremely interesting such as Mario Odyssey (I’m also a fan of Homer if you’re wondering), Xenoblade 2, Splatoon, Mario Cart 8, but these games are coming out later in the year, leaving the choice of games rather limited for at least some time.

One thing that Nintendo is lacking, and has always lacked is support from 3rd party titles due to two main reasons:  it’s game mechanics are hugely differently from its competitors and they always seem to be slightly under-cooked in the power department when compared to other consoles.  This holds true for this console too which might explain why it has only tentative support from third party developers like EA, Ubisoft and Capcom.  And Square Enix has pledged a lot of J-RPG releases like Dragon Quest, and Project OctoPath Traveller so it may become the choice of JRPG fans.  If your listening Nintendo, and want to guarantee a single customer – Suikoden. I have bought consoles I already owned for Suikoden games before…. could only ever get 3 imported. 🙁

A more robust list of titles can be found here.

On the plus side, Nintendo host a wide range of 1st party titles that are also fun and novel to play as they integrate the quirks of their consoles so well, offering a unique and fun game to play, titles such as Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Super Smash Brothers, and Fire Emblem.

So, you could consider it an investment in the future for fun, wacky and addictive games to play.

Another plus point is that the Switch is region free meaning you can import that dodgy RPG that never gets translated due to lack of budget.  In terms of the store front there has been a few issues with buy from other regions as it will only accept a credit card that is the same region as the store you’re buying from.

So, in summary at the moment the games are very limited.

There are a small amount of  first party titles coming out later this year and I am skeptical about the support it will get from third party developers, especially in the form of ports due to its lower processing power .  But, as always with Nintendo it has a great catalog to develop from and the games are bound to innovative and fun.

Should I buy the Switch for Portable Game-play?

Unlike the other game consoles on the market the Nintendo switch is a truly portable gaming system.  Sure, the Wii-U has a screen in the controller and the PS4 has streaming ability to the Vita but these systems are limited by distance. The Switch uses SD games that are plugged directly into the portable screen and as such can be played anywhere.

There have been mixed accounts on the battery life the screen has which could seriously limit it to be a contender for the truly portable market.  Nintendo themselves have stated that the battery life is between two to six hours depending on the processing requirements of the game.

Reports from Zelda game play differ according to the review site, with GameXplain giving it a battery life of 2.5 whilst FamilyGamer make it last five hours by closing down background applications whilst playing.  This creates doubts around how long it would last as a portable gaming system.

A huge amount of people see this console as being the death to the widely popular 3DS due to it doing everything the 3DS can do and more. Nintendo has not unveiled any specific plans regarding this aspect yet.  So, everyone is unsure whether the Switch will replace both the Wii-U and 3DS.  Although the latter choice is likely.

The portable aspect has been widely accepted as positive by older gamers who struggle to find time to deal with work, the wife, and the screaming kids due to the demands of gaming. They can continue playing while out and about or whilst cooking their children food.  Nintendo Switch – feeding families across the nation.


Should I buy the Switch for the Specs?

No. Really no.

The Switch is lagging between the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of processing power.

There are no options for 4k streaming.

The portable screen is only capable of 720P so is not HD capable. Although it is only 6.2 inches big. It is 1080p when docked.

There have been reports of problems with the left controller, or Joy-Con, which is reportedly desyncimg for a large amount of people causing control issues in the game.  Some suggest that an object is blocking the blue-tooth single, whilst other suggest it is the players hand blocking the signal.  Either way it is a potential problem.

The bigger problem comes with internet browsers and streaming services, such as Netflix and YouTube, are not included in the Switch at present.  Although there are rumors that the streaming issues will be fixed at a later date.

But, Nintendo has never been about the unbridled power of graphics – more about creating fun, novel and addictive game-play that is family focused.  All reviews say that games look great both portable and on the big screen, which is a plus.

Should I buy the Switch for Backwards Compatibility?

No. There is no backwards compatibility with the Wii at present.

What is worse is that the virtual console at present is not available on the system.  There has been reports of GameCube games being included in the Virtual Console for the first time though.

Other things I Should consider before buying?

One of the major things you should consider before buying is the multiplayer aspect. At the moment it is free, but soon it will revert to a pay model of game-play.  Gamers have been very critical around Nintendo’s word of the free games you get for subscribing which states they’ll only be playable for free for a month.

Another thing you should be aware of is that accessory, such as game controllers are very expensive for this console, compare to other consoles. This is due the hardware included in them.

Would I buy the Nintendo Switch?

I love Nintendo. I always buy the new quirky Nintendo console as a secondary console that collects dust, that tends to be put and only dragged out in specific instances or when that rare first party game series I love is published. And at present I wouldn’t buy the switch.

It has one game. And that game is available on the Wii-U. It feels a bit too much like an expensive Zelda machine for me at the moment.

I just think it’s a console worth waiting for, as in a few months from now the price may go down due to bundled content, and there will be more features – and more games.

Will you buy the Nintendo Switch?

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