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How do I advertise my indie game comes up fairly regularly these days. It is my hope that the tips and information below will help point you in the correct direction. If you are arriving on this page, its probably because you may have realized advertising your game is not only far more boring than making games, its also hard, tedious,and time consuming! To make matters worse, there are ten thousand indie developers doing it at...
With so many MMORPG's on the market, telling the good from the bad is a complicated process. To narrow things down a little we will be looking into a few specific qualities that WoW has offered us, then we will see how other games compare. (the games below will have most of these)
Use this article to find the best games like Zelda! If you have a game that is not suggested on here, please comment below. I will be updating this article with the most valid and similar games. These games will be positioned from the most similar to least similar. Lets Define, what I mean by Games like Zelda.
  • Focus on free-roaming exploration
  • Third person combat
  • Challenging puzzles and enemies
  • An atmosphere that immerses you in fantasy or a new world
  • You discover what comes next instead of some scripted play by play cut-scene adventure (although all games have some of this).
  • Start out weak and get stronger. (more health, armor, weapons arsenal)
  • Fulfilling story
So you flee your planet in a spaceship and something goes wrong, usually engine failure or some power core is missing, the age old space story. Reviews: Players love it! over 57,000 reviews on steam with an overwhelmingly positive turnout. Many have logged over 300 hours in the game. (put into perspective people typically work a 40 hour work week.) "This is the most awsome game I have ever played in my entire life!"
To schedule an interview please email me at interviews@kaidus.com How it works Interviews will take place over Skype and will take roughly 30 minutes to an hour. If you have any off the record comments during the interview, just respond with "off the record, one thing I would like to add is..." I will need to play your game personally before we can do the interview, this way I can ask relevant questions.
Presenting an interview with Furkan Gozukara, developer of Monster MMORPG
Hi! Check your reaction ability in the unusual brainteaser «the bearing». Overturn the world to move forward into right direction, collect bonuses and discover new original levels. The game is the crossover of brainteaser and arcade game, which has direct handling and levels of different complexity. -28 levels -realistic physics -all the level can be passed by different ways
Can we really benefit by playing video games? Games basically make us think faster, perceive better, and learn in a way parents have shunned for over a decade. Video games may become the new educational foundation by offering advanced learning benefits and a whole new look at the future of education. Is anyone else thinking how Spock advanced his gray cells in Star Trek? It would work right!...
Welcome! Allow me to explain to you the innovation that will capture your future! Haha, jk jk... It is pretty awesome but we kinda quit capturing futures 'cause they were getting hard to store. So you're safe, kind of... Here is what we can tell you. To be honest we are limiting the amount of information about the official site until it is ready to be unleashed in all it's glory. We are a...
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