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A way out - made to play with someone

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by RazTutu, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    A way out is a game that I'm really excited to play. It was announced at E3 and you have to play with someone. It's a split screen game but you can also play online with your friend.
    You have to escape from prison but you can't do it alone. There are things like car driving, gun fights and other things. It has a cinematic trailer and a gameplay. I was not sure about it the first time I saw it, but when I heard it's developed from the same team who worked on Brothers: A tale of two sons I decided to pre-order it. But I can't do it yet :( EA must add it to Origins.
    A way out will launch in early 2018.


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