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DC Universe Downloading Slow PS3? How to Fix! Try these solutions

Discussion in 'Problems and Tech Suport' started by Kaidus, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    Wondering how to get DC universe to download?

    Questions that will be answered below:
    How to make dc universe install faster on ps3.
    How long does it take for DC universe online to download.
    How to fix slow DC Universe Download.
    Why is DC universe downloading to slow!
    DC universe download bar not moving.
    DC universe download bar stuck.

    This game is known for some of the worst server connections ever, most people will resolve themselves to steps 1-3 as the solutions after have a very low success rate.

    Step:1 Consider the likelyhood that your only option to fix this issue is patience and determination!

    Step:2 If the download stops midway, you will need to keep retrying it until it works, this can take between 3 and 20 times on average. I heard you can get lucky if you constantly restart the game until it downloads faster one time.

    Step:3 Connect your Computer to a Lan line so you can connect to their crappy servers better.

    Step:4 Laugh hysterically for a couple hours.

    Step:5 Explore some of these technical options that could be preventing your game from downloading.

    Technical Options (Warning, all of these have a low success rate, I encourage you to post here if they work for you so I can update this post for other people)

    Option 1
    Change your date and time settings to "set by internet" instead of set Manually. read more

    Option 2
    Try this solution from DC Universe's Tech Support

    Delete Save Data Utility (temporary files)
    From the PS3 Start Menu (XMB):
    - scroll over to the “game” icon and select Saved Data Utility
    - locate the different DC Universe Online icons (usually 3: Chat Settings, Profile Settings / Audio/Video, Profile Settings / Audio/Video)
    - one by one press “triangle” and select delete (deleting these files will not delete your characters or delete your installed game)

    Disable Media Server Connection (Disables DLNA)
    From the PS3 Start Menu (XMB):
    - scroll over to Settings and select Network Settings
    - then select Media Server Connection > set it to disabled

    Update Console Software Version
    From the PS3 Start Menu (XMB):
    - scroll over to Settings and select System Settings
    - then select System Information to verify current version
    - if update required: back up 1 menu and scroll up to System Update
    - this will also list the hard drive free space

    Option:3 Change Your Primary DNS Settings read more

    Option:4 Hold L1, R1, L2 and R2 then hit X to start the game read more
    (Yea, I'm pretty sure this solution is a prank)

    I hope these solutions were able to help you download DC universe faster! Best of luck, this game took me over 20 hours to install :)
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  2. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    I played this game on PC and didn't have any problem. Not even a frame drop.

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