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Favorite Childhood Games!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Thiago, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Thiago

    Thiago Member

    Here are some of my favorite childhood games, games that really marked my childhood.

    First we have the Donkey Kong Country series.
    I think Donkey Kong was one of the games I most spent time playing, just because it was so awesome. I think i've beaten the first donkey kong country 10 times at least. I really enjoyed these games.


    Another game that i played a lot when i was a kid is Spyro the Dragon, I loved playing this game, i beat it a bunch of times also and really enjoyed it!


    This next one i actually didn't own, but my friend did and we played the hell out of it!
    Tekken 3, wow what a great fighting game, my favorite fighting game to be honest.
    This game marked my childhood so much, i remember getting out of the school bus and going straight to my friend's house to play this amazing game.


    And finally, one of the games that marked my childhood the most is, Crash Bandicoot!
    This was the first game i played on my ps1 and i was amazed. It was so much fun and i remember playing it the whole entire day without turning off the system because i didn't have a memory card haha.
    I really love the crash bandicoot series and i'm looking forward to the new remastered Ps4 games.


    These are just a few that marked my childhood, there are so much more games that i loved as a kid but if i were to list them all i'll be here all day.

    What's your favorite childhood games?
  2. Bonniekiller

    Bonniekiller Member

    I would definitely have to second the Spyro games, they were all awesome and so much fun. I had a friend over once and I couldn't do anything with her cause she would not stop playing it!!

    Also Crash and Tekken 3, although tekken may have spawned a few real fights lol


    Easily my favorite was Crash Team Racing, oh I spent way too many hours on this.

    Another one of my favorites was Kirby!
    Kirby's Dream Land (2).jpg

    I'm not sure quite which one but I saw my brother playing one on his gameboy and I was sold! I had to have it! He ended up selling his to me when he got a new one and I was so excited! I still love Kirby :p
  3. Workingbuck

    Workingbuck New Member

    Nice games you have there, I have some too but I do think they are more retro than the list you have. I remember playing donkey kong jr.or donkey kong 3, the pixelated mario game, i just can not remember if its mario 3, mario bros, and yeah I played Tekken 2 and 3, on sega megadrive I used to play Sunset Riders and Mortal Kombat, Honestly, I miss playing those games though they are kinda retro for a lot of people now.

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