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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Thiago, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Thiago

    Thiago Member

    Finally had the time to finish up this game and i really enjoyed it!


    Fez is centered on the little character named Gomez, who sets out on an adventure to regain the stability of his world full of bugs and glitches after a large cube shatters. With the help of the hat "FEZ", the protagonist gains the ability to access the other dimensions of his world.


    You need to collect at least 32 pieces of cubes to fulfill the goal of the game. There are other "species" of cubes, as well as other unique items.
    To collect such items, the player needs to fully explore every corner of Gomez's world, as well as solving some puzzles. The gameplay consists of alternating between moments of platform and puzzle.
    You have to turn the camera to discover a new passage in order to proceed to the next scenario, it's brilliant.
    Fez is a very unique game for providing this kind of gameplay! throughout the game there are puzzles that require a more refined use of the rotation mechanics, as well as new elements that give more variety to the game, such as spinning platforms, bombs, invisible blocks, among others.


    Although the game is not perfect, it's still a very fun game and a must play for any gamer that is looking for an original experience, I Recommend!

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