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My experience with Nintendo Switch

Discussion in 'Theory, Research, Business' started by RazTutu, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    I just had the chance to play on Nintendo Switch with my sister. I knew that PS4 has way better graphics and power and I was right. But Nintendo Switch is fun. I mean I had A LOT of fun. Can't even remember what games I played but I enjoyed them very much. It is a console specially designed for 2 players.
    I heard that even Overwatch could come for Switch and they had good sales as well. In my city I can't find this console anymore because they sold every unit.
    I like that this console is very portable. I can play any game on my TV or I can take it outside for about 3 hours.
    There is a thing that I hate: every game on Switch is very, very expensive. I bought Titanfall 2 for 25 dollars but for a game like 1,2 switch or Zelda I have to pay 50$ or more. I know that they are expensive because it's hard to make a Switch game, you need a lot of research and time because it is a new thing in our life.
    In conclusion: the Switch is worth your time if you can play games with someone on the same screen and money. And of course if you want to play the new Zelda game.

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