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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by RazTutu, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    I can't decide yet what game won the E3 for EA because The Way Out feels fresh but anyway, let's start the topic.
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a huge presence in the conference, and we had the chance to see a new gameplay and other things. The director promised us that they learnt from their mistakes and now Star Wars Battlefront 2 will come back stronger and better than Any Star Wars game made before. We will have a campaign and EVERY DLC WILL BE FREE. Yes, you heard it. If you bought the first game then you know that we had to pay every single map that EA added, but after Titanfall 2 came out I think they saw a better way to work on a game.
    The story takes place between Star Wars The Force Awakens and Star Wars The Last Jedi.
    Release date: 13 november 2017.
    The first DLC will be available in December and it will have "The Last Jedi things".


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