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Starcraft gets a remaster, 1998 version is free

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by RazTutu, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    The title say everything. Blizzard's game Starcraft will be free to play starting this week, with its expansion as well. They added an update so you can play it on windows 10 without any bugs. These are good news, I can't wait to play it again( first time I played was on a friend's house because I didn't have a PC).

    It will be available through Blizzard app(the old Battle.net). They changed the name because why not.


    Anyway, a remaster is also on the way. It will be available starting this summer for a price like 15-30$(they didn't told us yet).
    I can't wait to fight you on the battlefield
  2. Wow awesome, I'm going to have to download the classic at least for the nostalgia of it.

    I've always felt like starcraft II was the perfect improvement to starcraft 1, or at least the games don't feel very different. I'm not sure I see much value in recreating the old version, or at least I probably won't buy it.

    Actually, I'm hoping this means they are preparing to release a new RTS game and this is just a stunt to get RTS games back in the spotlight. That said, I would be more excited to play Warcraft III the Frozen Throne remastered.
  3. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    In time I'm sure they will remaster it as well.
    I saw on forums that every StarCraft fan is waiting for Starcraft IV. I don't know about this series very much but isn't StarCraft 2 the last game? Where is III? I can't find it on my local store where I usually but Blizzard games.
  4. Thiago

    Thiago Member

    Pretty awesome news man, now it's my opportunity to get into the Starcraft series.
    I actually never played any of the starcraft games before.
    I've heard that StarCraft has been called one of the greatest real-time strategy game ever, is it like Diablo?
    Because I've played Diablo 1 and 2 and thought it was pretty cool. If it's anything like Diablo i'm sure i'll enjoy it.
    I'm going to download Starcraft right now and try it out to see if it's good.
  5. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    Ok so they took more time with that free version. Now you can download it from Blizzard and play the 1998 game for free. I will still wait to buy the remastered vesion. Don't forget: it's a remaster, not a remake. I hope they will do the same thing with Diablo 1.
  6. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    I've heard that StarCraft has been called one of the greatest real-time strategy game ever, is it like Diablo?

    Starcraft Feels rather different from Diablo, mostly because the focus is on handling mass amount of units, armies! That said most of the people I play starcraft with play Diablo regularly, so I feel you will at least like it.

    I think the learning curve for starcraft might turn some people away, its one of those games that don't dissapoint the more you play it. (Probably since it's so competetive)

    I've been digging pretty deep trying to find more games like starcraft, so far Art of War Red Tides is what I'm excited for. I'm just worried the game will be too simple.

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