What makes Dishonored Worth Playing – Gameplay Overview

One of the first person games I consider more unforgiving, your goal of this game is foremost getting from point A to point B alive.  I am one of those people who loves to go charging in gunning down everything in site and dishonored kicked my backdoor to the curb.

The method by which you make your kill is not laid out in a simple manner; you may explore different levels to discover new ways of killing your target. Similar older games have had a habit of placing a path ahead of you that acts as the obvious choice, but Dishonored gives you numerous choices where one is no easier than the other.

Take violent actions and the story changes according to your choices. It is possible to complete some missions in a non-lethal manner, and doing so will earn you a different gameplay experience. Dishonored took the further step of adding magical elements to diversify the way in which you fight and take out your targets.

The magical and physical methods by which you may take out your targets offer a variety of game play styles, and the levels have been engineered to accommodate this. Many of the play styles are seemingly unrestricted by environment and NPC actions. All of this adds up to a game with a fair degree of replayabilty because you enjoy a different gameplay experience depending upon your game choices and play style.

So Just what makes Dishonored Worth Playing

The game does have a few problems, and one of them is the overarching narrative. Anybody who has played story-based RPG games, or even people who have seen enough movies, are going to be able to guess the coming events and even the ending. Nevertheless, nobody said a game has to have an epic and unexpected story like Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X or X-2. The predictable gaming/story events do not ruin the game.

The Art Style Is Gorgeous

Instead of opting for ultra-HD textures and uber-polygon models, they went for a polished art style and a heavy focus on atmosphere. Add the level design to the artistic graphics, and you have a combination that makes for a very immersive game.

Dishonored 2 PS4 gameplay footage

They Could Have Tried Harder With The Game Controls

Dishonored is a good game, however many feel they could have tried a little harder with regards to combat and especially regarding the controls. In some cases, tricky or clunky controls help to add to a game, such as the terror it causes with the Silent Hill games. However, in a game such as Dishonored where you rely on your dexterity as a player, the controls are a occasionally a hindrance. (I didn’t notice this being a problem when I played it)

Balanced Level Design

The developers obviously took a lot of time over each game map. The detailed levels suit people who wish to run in with weapons at the ready, in the same way it suits people who prefer sneaky stealth.

Plot Control Is Weak, But Buys You At Least One More Game

Some people liken Dishonored to Deus Ex HR because you can choose how the game ends, but doing so is like comparing a steak to a tofu log. With Deus Ex HR, you make moral decisions that put the player at odds with himself or herself, whereas with Dishonored you simply choose to kill or not kill. Still, you can play it one way, and then play through at least one more time to see the alternate plot.

No Leveling System Is A Plus And Minus

Role Playing Game fans may be disappointed with the fact there is no leveling system, but not having a leveling system was a smart move by the developers. If there were a leveling system, then the player would be overly encouraged to kill everything and everybody. Instead, you get to upgrade rather than level up.

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