11 BOSS Games like World of Warcraft – Your Guide

Do you love World of Warcraft?

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So what makes a game like World of Warcraft?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular features WoW offers that other MMOs need to be similar.

  • Beautiful and detailed graphics
  • PVP as well as PVE
  • Mounts
  • Variety of classes and races to choose from
  • Variety of worlds/areas
  • Decent character cutimization
  • Open world
  • Battle system
  • Crafting
  • Magic and weapons

games like world of warcraft screenshot

Some of these games are so similar to WoW that they could be attempted replications while others are mostly different than WoW but still have some general similarities.

Note: I will be leaving out some games that are widely regarded as similar that you have probably already heard of, like Star Wars Old Republic or Elder Scrolls Online.

1. Allods Online

Allods Online gameplay screenshots
If you are looking for a game like World of Warcraft and are tired of the fees, try Allods Online.

As far as games like World of Warcraft goes, Allods can’t really get any more “like” unless it…well…I’m not really sure what it could do.

Everything feels like World of Warcraft, the UI, the overall design, the battles, the questing, all of it. Although there are some differences… Full Review

The best part of Allods Online? It’s free, so no matter what you can give it a try and won’t lose anything more than a few hours of your time.

2. Guild Wars 2
guild wars 2 screenshots

For those looking for a new experience.

Guild Wars 2 is a free option that, although different in many ways from World of Warcraft, is an amazing adventure its’ own right.

The biggest thing I noticed that was a nice change from WoW was… Full Review

3. Tera
pc games like wow

Better action and fighting make for a refreshing change.

Tera has a lot of similarites to other MMORPGs but brought in some new features that offer some new kinds of fun… Full Review

If you like it, check out these other Games like Tera.

4. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn
Games like wow

If you want to explore a game that operates like World of Warcraft but looks compeltely different.

You have 8 classes and 6 races to choose from with a good variety of custimization abilities. Plus, you get the ability to pick your voice clip and see your character in different environments before you pick one.

If you enjoy having lots of emotes the mess around with then you’ll like this game. You can not only change your body such as sit, kneel, bow, etc. but you can change you face expression to look surpised, smile, shocked, and many more.

There is tab targeting in the battles and you start out with just a few powers and then get more as you level up. Some of the monsters you fight look pretty unique but overall the combat feels very similar to WoW although there are some dynamic events that much of the leveling is done through.

The game starts out with quite a bit of cut scenes to get the story going but then has less as you get into the actual game.

Players can also alternate between classes while playing and there is also a mentor system for new players to learn the game and classes faster if they want to.

5. Skyforge
skyforge battle screenshot

Something completely different…yet still similar to WoW.

The overall look of Skyforge is very different from World of Warcraft although the overall gameplay feels somewhat similar.

The story is that you are a man who is on the journey to becoming a god, increasing in powers and followers as you go.

Graphically the game looks good as far as scenery and characters go. Character custimization is decent, you can’t make yours look outrageously unique but you can add some fun features like face tattoos, masks, glasses, and hats to make them a little more one of a kind. The weapons and clothes look more medieval that WowW yet with a mix of some modern features.

Although it is similar to WoW it is not open world and is very instanced based.

The battle system feels more like an action/adventure combo tactic game than WoW, it personally reminds me of God of War style of attacking although the enemies are still pretty easy to take out.

One of the funnest parts of Skyforge is some cut scenes that have 300 style attack sequences. You’ll get to see you character jump, slash, and kill a horde of enemies in perfectly timed moves displayed in slow motion that is alternatively sped up to increase the sense of action.

The main reason I find to play Skyforge is if you liked running dungeons in World of Warcraft but didn’t love the long distance travel so much. Skyforge feels a lot like you are running dungeon after dungeon.

6. Rift
wow and rift

If you want a huge talent tree system with tons of custimization.

Rift has attempted to take all the things that MMORPG’s are famous for and improve on them to make a more interesting and captivating game.

The biggest part of Rift, hence the name, is supposed to be the huge…Full Review

7. Blade & Soul

If you like lots of character customization and armor options, Blade and Soul is for you. From the very beginning you will win a variety of… Full Review

8. Forsaken World and Perfect World

Slightly different take on everything WoW has to offer.

You might say these two games are two sides of the same coin.

Forsaken World is darker and offers you a world filled with vampires, lycans, and other scary monsters. There are 7 races and 10 classes, dynamic dungeons, PVP battles, and a large customization variety of weapons and gear.

Perfect World is a lot more cheerful feeling and definitely fits on the nice side of fairy tales and not the evil side. There are 6 races with 12 classes, free-form flight capabilities, cross server PVP, serve wide events, and more smaller features as well.

They both offer highly customizable characters along with an array of race and class choices, are designed around leveling through quests, and the basic abilities that you start with are both very similar to WoW.

Questing is nothing new, again. It feels very similar to WoW, as does the combat system and overall feel of both games. Although they do offer auto questing which is different.

9. Swordsman Online

If you always wanted a deeper story with World of Warcraft.

If you missed having a story driven game with World of Warcraft, this game is for you. Based on a book series, the story is very prevalent and the quests tie directly into it as well as instanced events that are part of it. There are also lots of cut scenes while your playing to continue the story.

Entirely martial arts based, everything in Swordsmand Online goes back to martial arts. You heal by meditating, choose on of 10 classes by choosing a martial arts school, and you cannot move while attacking as you are fighting hand to hand until you unlock higher abilities later on.

The most annoying part of the battling is the fact that since you can’t move and attack together for the first portion of the game, chasing down enemies or moving around duirng battle can feel glitchy and stiff.

As far as character creation, there tons of sliders to customize your character and make them look exactly how you want.

The game is instanced based and with the deep story it can feel more like a one player game than an MMO.

10. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is all about battling. The story pretty much a skeleton to hang the rest of the game on. You start out by facing just a few monsters at a time and before you know it there will be groups that you can get to start chasing you in troves and then knock them all back at once.

The boss battles also take some thought as well as some of the normal enemy battles. Depending on what race you pick will effect how you play. Even though all the races can be played in whatever way you want it might be hard to pull of playing the physically weak witch like a tank for instance.

The graphics have a lot darker and grittier feel than World of Warcraft.

The talent tree is huge and complex, each level up you will earn points you can spend to gain new skills.

There are two permanent leagues and then other challenge leagues that pop up only for shot periods of time and then go away. There are 7 classes to choose from that all have different starting points on the skill tree and unique subclasses.

11. Aura Kingdom

The world in this game is gorgeous and friendly feeling as it is a colorful anime style game.

There are 13 different classes none of which are… Full Review

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions! I will continue to update and adjust this list as I play more MMORPGs.

If you can think of one I missed or should check out, leave a comment below and let me know!

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