Naruto Shippuden Episode 501 – The End of Naruto? – Now What?

Can we watch Naruto Shippuden episode 501?

Too confirm, Episode 501 does not exist and there are currently no plans to continue the old series of Naruto Shippuden.      Still, I really feel episode 500 ended too fast, like they felt pressured to end the series at exactly episode 500.

What was the end of Naruto missing?

Naruto has always been told at a slow pace, often too slow.  For me it often got annoying when they over-explained the battles which were usually common knowledge on what just happened.

Then they used seven episodes to tell about Naruto’s wedding, however they completely skip the wedding itself.     I enjoy Naruto for the connections between the characters; how they interact and their emotions.   What I wanted to see is how Naruto would have struggled when he asked Hinata out and how clueless he would have been on his first date.

Not to exclude anyone… Just am I the only person here uneasy about my childhood crush being transformed into a Mom?…

Its an uncomfortable idea at least!

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So What next?

As I just hinted, Naruto is being followed by Boruto, Naruto next generations.   Naruto and all the characters from the old show on in this story, however the show makes it clear that the main character has changed, It’s Borutos story.

We still get to piece together the rest of the story through this followup show that honestly can’t quite live up to Naruto.     Don’t get me wrong,  you will likely still enjoy the show.

I would estimate the story takes place about 15 years in the future; this would put Naruto around age 30-32 years old and Boruto around 13.   Isn’t it strange that Naruto moved to a slightly more mature audience (Naruto Shippuden) then went back to the academy?

Is there any other way to get more of the story?

Yes, however probably not the ones your expecting.   They are currently 6 books  released that take place after the last ninja war with the recent Akatsuki Hiden being released July 3rd 2017

These books will of course tell stories of the characters and Sakura Hiden delves into the political structure of the hidden leaf  now that the war is over.   They are each centered around a specific character and try to tell the story from their perspective.

Sakura Hiden

I should start by saying this book has not been animated and there are no plans to do so at the moment.

The Great Ninja War did not only harm adults, but left many damaged children behind. Medical ninja Sakura travels the land, opening clinics dedicated to healing children of the mental trauma they experienced. She learns of a series of attacks against Konoha, and her investigation leads to an impossible conclusion: Sasuke is the terrorist mastermind behind them all! Using her skills and her heart, Sakura strives to clear Sasuke’s name and bring the real perpetrator to justice.

Kakashi Hiden

A year has passed since the Fourth Great Ninja War, and Kakashi’s appointment as Hokage looms. But first he heads to the Land of Waves for a dangerous mission rescuing hostages from a top-secret airship. There he confronts a ninja whose heart is frozen by tragedy.

Having lost both his friend’s eye and his greatest abilities, can Kakashi protect anyone from his coldhearted foe? What is the true meaning of the Will of Fire gained in the distant heavens? Kakashi finds these answers and more as he enters a new ninja era.  Amazon Link

Shikamaru’s Hiden

This was one of the books already turned into an animated series.

Two years after the Great Ninja War, Shikamaru spends his days racing around, hands full as one of Konoha’s key protectors. Then one day a large number of ninja from every region are reported missing. Even Sai disappears. And the place where the missing shinobi end up is the mysterious empire, the Land of Silence.

As a ninja, as an adult, to protect all that he is responsible for, Shikamaru must do battle with the shadow of a new generation.  Amazon link

Akatsuki Hiden, Gara Hiden, Konoha Hiden

These books can only be purchased in Japanese at the moment.

Do you think I’m being to critical of the series?   I really hope they make something more.

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