Prison Architect Review

Prison Architect is a truly brilliant game that was inspired by early Bullfrog games such as Theme Hospital. You build a prison and then take in prisoners in order to make a profit. Upgrade and alter your prison to suit the type of criminal you take in, and change the way you operate depending upon how the prisoners act.

Adaptive Gameplay

For example, if the prisoners keep walking off to the fence for seemingly no reason, they may be receiving weapons and contraband that is thrown over by people on the outside.

If that is the case, then tap the phone lines to see who is making the orders, and send your sniffer dogs around the outside and inside of your fence perimeter to catch the contraband or weapons before it reaches the wrong hands. The last thing you want is some tattooed punk sticking a broken glass bottle in your guard’s face and saying, “Stitch That Jimmy!”

Problems with Prison Architect

The freeform and sandbox building mechanic is very similar to that of Factorio, but that sadly means that it has the same flaw. For example, when you reach a level of Borg perfection with your factory, there seems little point in going on. The same is true when you earn too much money in Prison Architect. When you have so much stuff, so many guards, and a high-tech escape-proof prison, there seems little point in continuing with the game.

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