Versus Games that are Plants Versus Zombies Clones and Knockoffs

Games with versus in the title that are like Plants Versus Zombies

If you have come from the main article than please ignore the first two games, these have been covered there.

Games with versus in the title that are like Plants Versus Zombies

This section explores tower defense games that are so similar to plants vs zombies that they could be considered Clones.  This section is for those of you who are just contrary and want to oppose something. Or maybe you argue against everything that is ever said. We’ve all had girlfriends like that. Choose a side and let your opposing nature run wild. This is the sections that has the closest game-play mechanics to Plants Versus Zombies and maybe the best area for games that have simple mechanics and child friendly content.

Trolls Versus Vikings One and Two

(iOS – Android)

Trolls versus Vikings is pretty much what it sounds. Trolls that battle Vikings. This operates pretty much like Plant versus Zombies, so much so the biggest complaint is that it is a clone and offers nothing original despite changing the very nature of the things battling.  How are trolls anything like plants?! They hang around under bridges all day posting inflammatory material on any forum they are not currently banned from. They don’t have any contact with sunlight at all. They definitely aren’t rooted in the local community.

Despite the clone accusation both games are fun, there are a huge amount of characters, enemies and levels to play through.  The game does suffer from some in app purchasing but it isn’t to the scale where the game is impossible to play without. There is a lot of content, spread across the two games. And as this section is all about those people that like to be contrite, and argumentative there is an added bonus that they get to play as a troll. Win – Win.

This is a good alternative to Plants Versus Zombies as it checks a lot of the boxes. It’s a line defense system, it has simple games mechanics that are easy to pick up, and it is child friendly with great graphics.

Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs

(iOS – Android)

Ninja Cats versus Samurai Dogs is a great tower defense game that is a little wacky.  It also manages to avoid any comparison to Plants Versus Zombies despite having a very similar playing style which is a plus.

There are a good amount of customization throughout, and it is a pretty fun game to play.  It allows you to pick the side you wish to fight on – so its satisfying for both cat and dog people. Though if you’re a dog ninja person then this game fails in the most epic of ways. We all know they exist. We’ve all seen Naruto.  As much as the game is fun, it’s not the sort of game that will grab your attention for long, nor does it have a lot of replay value.

A funny idea for a game, but its execution is slightly lacking. It just doesn’t seem to be as fun as it should be. Plus no zombies or plants.

To check out an extend list of versus games please click here. Or don’t. No need to get argumentative about it.

Toys vs Nightmares

(Web based)

Toys vs Nightmares is another direct clone of Plants versus Zombies that scores highly. It can be accessed for free online through a number of sites but I’d recommend Armour Games.  I find their site safe, and pretty non-intrusive. Plus they have a wide-range of free games you can play, and one of them is Kingdom Rush. Just make sure your Flash plug-in is up to date before visiting the site.

The mechanics of the game may not be as polish as Plant versus Zombies but it is still enjoyable to play. You choose a toy from the toy box, place it on the level and let the defense begin. It is really that simple to pick up and play.  It has fantastic graphics and animations I really enjoy looking at.  It is super child friendly too, the concept is rooted in something they can understand.  Toys.

Another great game-play style clone, that lacks the thematic aspects such as plants, zombies and humor. But as far as similar and simplistic game-play goes it is one of the best.

Fish vs Pirates

(iOS – Android)

Fish versus Pirates is very similar to Plants Versus Zombies in game-play.  It is a free game so it does suffer from aspect of freemium game.

You take the role of the fish and place fish across rows to defend yourself against the encroaching attack of the pirates.  There are a good number of levels to play through and a range of tactics that you can deploy to progress through the game. And a lot of content to keep you interesting and busy. It is a very typical Plants Versus Zombies clones that is set in an under-water world. It is a very child friendly game as well.

A good substitute for Plants Versus Zombies in terms of game-play, but lacks both the plants and the zombies.

Baseball Versus Zombies


Baseball versus Zombies merges baseball players with the zombie apocalypse.  I don’t know what it is about this this game but it kind of just makes me laugh.  I can’t help but envision Major League merge with Zombie Land. It’s not really a tower defense but more of an action side scroller with elements of tower defense. I was just running out of things to say about tower games.

You buy buildings and players, and have them face the hordes of oncoming zombies. They are armed with bats and balls depending on the position they play on the team. You can even send cheerleaders headlong into the encroaching zombies herd. Why wouldn’t try the game just for that?  There is nothing astounding or ground breaking in the game play or graphics.  It’s very typical and generic kind of game. It just makes me laugh.

It does have zombies, is a bit of crazy idea but no plants and lacks the polish and greatness of Plants Versus Zombies.


There are some great and totally weird versus games out there that follow the game-play pattern of Plants versus Zombies. In fact, this section tends to follow the gaming pattern much closer than the other sections – which is slightly weird. So if it is the game mechanics your looking for, and nothing else this might be the section for you. Here are some more examples of versus games, though some will suffer from freemium ads and in app purchases. A lot of them contain zombies.

  • SWAT vs Zombies (iOS Android)
  • Battle Ranch: Pigs Versus Plants (Steam)
  • Zombies Versus Spartans (iOS -Android)
  • Heroes Versus Zombies (iOS -Android)
  • Monsters versus Zombies (iOS -Android)
  • Samurai Versus Zombie (iOS -Android)


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