What to Expect when you release your first Indie Game – Interview with BlackGrainGames

Ever wonder what it’s like when a solo developer attempts to break into the gaming market?

There are so many potential pitfalls, and I don’t think it’s team rocket setting up these traps.   The truth is, most successful indie games are paved with the blood and sweat of failed attempts, where each brick simply holds the groundwork for the developers future success.   A lesser person would give in to the pressure and accept the common belief that most indie game developers share…

it’s impossible.

Join me with Lars Pontoppidan as he explains the struggles he encountered releasing his first game Hammer Bees

We also asked Lars if he has any advice for developers that are trying to making their own game.

“Do yourself a favor and read up on it, learn as much as you can. Stay focused and don’t give up.   It sounds basic, but you get alot of surprises and they are not exactly pleasant, but you got to learn the hard way sometimes.”

You Have to Hand it to Lars, the passion he shares is commendable.  He was even willing to admit Ignorance was one of the biggest causes of Hammer Bees downfall.   I think a pitfall alot of us can fall into is blaming the world and circumstances for our failures.

Don’t get me wrong, things like building an indie game or perhaps starting a successful gaming website are not easy tasks.  There is no guarantee success will ever be in reach.  All I’m saying is we have to be willing to accept our current limitations and more importantly learn to rise above them.

If you want to check out the game Hammer Bees, you can search for it in the app store or check it out on his website.

Have you ever put years of effort into something with proceeds that might buy you a meal at Ihop?


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