Best Zombie based tower defense games

Zombie-based tower defense games that are like Plants versus Zombies

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I love zombies. There are a lot of people that love all things zombie. And as such there is an amazing amount of zombie related games that are just bizarre.

There are a lot of zombie tower defense games, and a huge amount of them have the zombies versus something like animals, wizards or even Spartans. So, there is a huge overlap of Zombies and Versus out there. However, these obvious clones tend to lack the humor and fun of Plants Versus Zombies. There are better tower defense games out there that offer something challenging and different.

Zombie City Defense Two

(iOS – Android -Steam)

Zombie City Defense is an in depth tactical tower defense organised around keeping a city safe from zombie infestation.

What it’s about:

There are numerous melee units you can deploy on the ground, turrets you can build, upgrades to building to create barricades and other things that will prevent the spread of the zombie infection. One of the greatest things about this game are the random events that work against you and are just outside of your control. I had a base that relied on fire based defenses to halt zombie incursions. In the midst of one such incursion there was a torrential down pour that literally dampened my defenses.  Instead of burning them into nothingness  – my city was overtaken by smoldering corpses.

You can research new units, and you can fully customize the map – by destroying anything on it if you have the right unit. Is there a bridge that is too convenient for the zombies to cross then blow it up, is there a building you just don’t like then demolish it.

It is a great tower defense game featuring zombies but it lacks the sense of fun and cartoon graphics of Plants Versus Zombies. It maybe a little too serious and in-depth in comparison.

Last Hope – Tower Defense

(iOS – Android – PC – Steam)

In Last Hope you join a war against the zombies in an open world environment. There are multiple heroes to choose from and a wide range of towers for you to build to protect yourself.

What it’s about:

Across the 140 levels you will face off not just against the zombie hordes, but other survivors who are have turned to raiding and pillaging to survive. The graphics are beautiful, but they are more realistic than Plants Versus Zombies. It is more reminiscent of the gritty survival horrors like The Walking Dead. Although that isn’t a bad thing in itself, it is when you compare it to the tone of Plants versus Zombies. The two are almost opposite tones.

The towers offer multiple expansion trees, you are able to customize your hero in a variety of ways to match your play style and you collect information on enemies encountered that will expose their weakness. There are numerous difficulty levels and multiple game modes for you to explore. It is a really fun game that has typical tower defense elements and is set amid a zombie outbreak. There is a very little humor and the plants are purely decorative which may leave it lacking.

Infectonator Survivors

(Web-based – Steam)

Infectonator is a bit of a hybrid game that has tower defense elements that is merged with RTS strategy and city management. The goal is to survive and find refuge in a world overtaken by zombies.  I can’t help but think of it as Left 4 Dead for the Sega Megadrive.

What it’s about:

The characters act as the towers and their defense depends on the weapon they wield.  Shotguns are effective in a short area, and do area damage, whereas rifles are better from afar and do concentrated damage on one target. So there is a strategic element to their placement and reloading of weapons. All levels are randomly generated and you have to scavenge for resources as you scout them.   It operates a permadeath mechanic that may frustrate some people, particularly perfectionist. I’m one of those people who restarts a level of Fire Emblem every-time a random critical hit happens. I reset a lot.  The worst thing is, starvation is as deadly as the zombies – so scavenging and resource management is as equally important as a good defense.

It is a deep, engaging and fun zombie game that offers additional challenges. For an indie entry it’s extremely polished and well made. It has the classic console style graphics, but there is blood. It may also be a little light on the zany humor.

Army of Darkness Defense

(iOS – Android)

Army of Darkness Defense is based off the cult classic and sure it may feature more skeletons then zombies (or in fact any.) Is it what happens when the undead craves calcium rather than brains? Okay, I am just deluding myself but as a fan of the Evil Dead series of films I was actually jumping up and down with joy when I discovered this game. I lead a very sad life.

What it’s about:

Army of Darkness Defense allows you to place archers and catapults to rain down destruction on the invading deadites, as you control Ash and his Boom-stick to prevent the undead invasion on the castle. There are numerous allies you can summon to help your defense and items you can use like the book of the dead.

I would recommend Army of Darkness to fans of the Evil Dead franchise, it nice and does have some humor that is related to that series. As a stand-alone game though it maybe a little lacking to be top tier. I found it fun and spent a few hours on it, but it is definitely not a must buy.

No Zombies, no Plants, humor built from an existing franchise and only touches on the tower defense elements. It’s definitely no Plants Versus Zombies.

Guns ‘n’ Glory : Zombies

(iOS and Android)

The Guns ‘n’ Glory franchise is pretty solid and robust series of tower defense games that extends across multiple settings – The Wild West, World War Two, a fantasy setting and even a zombie apocalypse.

What it’s about:

The zombie addition is a great entry into the tower defense genre featuring upgrade-able weaponry, relentless and frantic waves of zombies, and cartoon style graphics.  The emphasis here is very much on people acting as towers rather than actual towers.

It’s a satisfying tower defense game that features zombies but it is nothing earth shattering. It doesn’t have the odd-ball comedy of plants versus zombies, and there is a severe lack of plant based activity unless you count the zombies who have a pumpkin for a head.


Although there are a lot of zombie based tower defense games, there seems to be a lack of overlap with the child friendly elements, the off the wall humor and plant based elements.

As such any zombie tower defense game I have come across has been lacking in some aspect and wouldn’t fit across all the outlined criteria. As such there is not one zombie game that can entirely replace Zombies versus Plants.

Here are some more zombie/undead tower defense you might want to look into:

  • Zombie Defense (iOS – Android – Steam)
  • Global Defense : Zombie War (iOS – Android)
  • Zombie Wars Invasion (Steam)
  • SWAT and zombies (iOS- Android)
  • Yet Another Zombie Defense Game (Steam)
  • Zombies Versus Spartans (iOS -Android)
  • Zombie Defense Versus Wizards (iOS – Android)
  • Empires of Sand (Android)

Literally, the list seems as endless as a zombie horde. There is more. There is always more. (In a lot of them like I, Zombie and Zombie Office Politics you can also play as a zombie as well)

If zombies are your thing maybe you want to branch out to other areas beyond tower defense:

  • I, Zombie (Steam)
  • Telltale’s The Walking Dead Series (PS4 – Xbox One – Steam)
  • Zombie Office Politics (Steam)
  • Containment: The Zombie Puzzler (iOS – Android -Steam)
  • Zombie Kill of the Week (iOS – Android – Steam)
  • Zombie Bowl-o-Rama (Steam)
  • Space Ghost Pirate Zombie Slayer (Steam)

Seriously, weird zombie games stretches across every genre out. The sheer amount of them is a little scary.

I make you wonder if one game bit another….



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