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Best Games like Candy Crush - Top 10 sweetest games

Discussion in 'Games Like... Video Game Reccomendations' started by Kaidus, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    Not sure if it's the sweets or just the fact that I simply love Puzzle games that made this game so enjoyable for me. For those that don't know, Candy Crush was released on Facebook in 2012 and has since expanded to iOS, Android, Windows Phones, and Windows 10. After it’s successful release, a wave of similar games flooded the market and actualy assisted the Candy Crush's success. With so many on the market, I wanted to bring you a list of games that hold the heart of candy crush, yet might offer you some new experiences.

    Lets examine some qualities specific to candy crush first.

    • The basic gameplay is switching adjacent candies to form three candies of the same color.
    • Creating longer rows of candy will create a “Special Candy”
      • Four candies make a Stripe Candy which clears an entire row
      • Five candies make a Wrapped Candy that blows 8 surrounding candies, falls and then blows again.
      • Form five candies on a straight row and you get the Color Bomb. Which gets rid of all of the candies that match the color of the candy that is matched with it.

    • In-app purchases feature extra lives or hearts and other special candies like the Lollipop Hammer which clears a single candy on the board. You can use a credit card, iTunes credits, or Google Play credits to purchase items.
    • The early stages are easy, but later on you get to encounter Chocolate Spawners that create the chocolate blocks and other more difficult obstructions.
    • Beat levels by completing the requirement given. Make 50 matches with just minimal amount of moves, or finish the game (level) before the time runs out.
    • It’s not just about watching candies to blast by blowing up sweets, it has a story too. Do you like the idea of traveling somewhere and not knowing where to go or who will we meet along the way? Every level you pass, you get to meet a new friend and help him solve a problem. Then you start blowing candies again until the next creature shows up.

    These Games like Candy Crush are in order from most similar to least similar. However, you might find the games at the end to be more enjoyable as they offer a more unique experience.

    Let’s leave the sweets behind for a second and check out what else is out there to explore.

    Games Like Candy Crush

    1. Farm Heroes Saga
    In this game, instead of sugary treats, we will collect fruits and veggies. These are the types of veggies that kids love with bright happy colors and faces! I think King(creater of Candy Crush) got tired of sweets and wanted to have a healthy living, that’s why they released this game around 2013.

    Generally, its' gameplay is similar to Candy Crush. It is the same puzzle type game that makes you form 3 of the same color, or same veggies and fruits, and it has an appealing background that will attract kids and adults who want to be like kids again (just like me). It also has a fun and pleasant sound for the vegetables or fruits whenever you collect them and just like Candy Crush, you can compare scores with your friends on Facebook who are playing the game too. It can be quite competitive the longer you play.
    Between in-app purchases and similar mechanics, it is almost an exact copy of Candy Crush if it weren’t for those fruits and veggies. Before you start harvesting the fruits and veggies and start make yourself your very own salad, let’s move on to the next game, shall we?

    2. Bejeweled Blitz

    Perhaps the inspiration for candy crush, these shiny things aren’t candies at all. Leave it to game designers to create alternative uses for gems other than rings and necklaces. Just like Candy Crush, it was originally made as a Facebook App. I also find it comical for a puzzle game to have a voice-over that sounds like the one in Mortal Kombat. Am I the only one who thought of that?

    Anyway, the goal of the game is to make the highest score possible in just a minute. Along with the typical “form three colors together” concept, the music blends in with the gameplay and slowly builds up pressure until you're frantic to finish the game in that last second. Although it doesn’t have any special jewels, you will receive a higher score when you combine more than 3 of the same color.

    Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a story to follow, Bejeweled gets as difficult as Candy Crush because you get to break the record every time you play it which made me love the game since it’s a challenged me constantly to beat my past record.

    3. Frozen Free Fall
    Any of you Frozen fans? This game was released by Disney Mobile for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and PlayStation 4. It’s a match-three game just like Candy Crush, yet perhaps more fun to play because of its' icy effects and character appeal, especially if you love Frozen as much as I do.
    While game’s storyline is much like the movie, the gameplay really resembles Candy Crush. It has the same concept of limited moves and you need to meet certain requirements to beat every level, it features a daily bonus if you log in everyday, and characters from the movie will help you with every stage you play. Not to mention the cursor looks like magificent frozen jewels!

    Frozen Free Fall also soothing music that feels relaxing and the visual effects are top notch for a puzzle game.

    Some might say this game is just for kids, however I don't think this game is meant just for kids anymore than Candy Crush. The visual appeal of this game is something people of all ages can enjoy.

    4. Jelly Splash

    We started from Candies journeyed to Fruits and Veggies, stopped at jewels and snowmen for a bit, and now we have Jellies. Anybody else want candy?

    Jelly Splash is another three-match game like Candy Crush. It was released by Wooga on 2013 and is available on iOS, then later on was released on Android, Kakao Talk and Facebook. It also has an in-app store where you get to buy boosts, extra lives and extra moves.
    In regards to the gameplay it shares a lot of resemblance to Candy Crush. The level interface, colorful jellies, and background are all similar. Though it’s a match-three game, it’s not the typical “slide the candy and form 3 of the same candies” type of game. Jelly Splash is played by connecting similar jellies together and making the longest connection possible with your limited moves. The longer the line you make, the more super jellies will appear.

    There are also fun obstacles like mushrooms or slime to make it more challenging. What made me love this game is how it twisted the way three-match games are played. Because slide to match games are so abundant, I find the playstyle of this game refreshing and exciting to play.

    5. Atlantis Adventure

    Now if only I could say this game is as exciting as really going on an ancient sunken city adventure. Atlantis Adventure is a three-match game by Big Fish. It has the same concept as Candy Crush, yet the gamme pieces look like gummy Jel-o jewels.

    Basically you need to reach a certain amount of points, or other requirement such as clearing all the blocks to beat a level, to then get rewarded by receiving stars at each level you beat. The amount of stars given will depend on how many points you acquired and the maximum starts given for each level is three. You have limited moves to finish every level so you need to be careful on choosing what piece you are going to move.

    Overall, I’d say it is a good game to play. You can switch on this game to kill time while waiting for your hearts to refill in Candy Crush. It’s basically like playing Candy Crush with a different storyline and graphics.

    6. Zuma’s Revenge
    The ball-spitting frog is back! This is one of my favorites on this list as I can play this game for hours and not get bored. This was my go-to game until Candy Crush was released. Zuma’s Revenge was released in 2009 by PopCap games and is actually a sequel to their game Zuma. It doesn’t necessarily mimic Candy Crush like the other games do however it has some similarties.

    In this game you get to shoot ancient stones to other stones which are rolling. You need to match at least three of the same color for them to explode and score. You get to control where to shoot the stones and you can switch your current selection to the next stone if it's not the color you need.
    Thinking it’s easy? Think again! Stones must not reach the hole which will be at the end of the track. To beat the game, you need to blow up every stone on the track. The more of the same color you blow up, the higher the score you’ll get. Don't worry, just like Candy Crush, you will also get to have power ups that appear randomly on the tracks together with the rolling stones.

    Once you start playing it, you might end up screaming and running around the house calling Zuma a “Stupid Frog”. (If you play it you will get what I mean.) It is a superb game, but definitely not easy, which makes Zuma fascinating and adictive.

    7. FarmVille : Harvest Swap
    Anyone remember when this was all over Facebook back in the days? I was one of those people who spent hours planting and harvesting crops on FarmVille. Zynga released FarmVille: Harvest Swap. However, it’s not like the old FarmVille though. It’s a three-match game pretty much like Candy Crush with perhaps better graphics.
    And since it’s FarmVille, you get to play using not just vegetables but fruits as well once again. The gameplay, music, in-app store, level set up and everything are almost exactly the same as Candy Crush. What really caught my attention are the 3D graphics used in the game. If you haven’t tried playing it yet then I recommend you to do so. It’s a great time killer!

    8. Monster Busters

    Still afraid of monsters under the bed or in your closet? Here’s your chance to bust monster and scare the hell out of them! Monster Busters is available in iOS, Android and Facebook. This game is another three-match and uses monsters instead of candies being crushed.
    Just like candy, this game connects with facebook. Having lots of friends playing this with you also means a lot of extra help; you have to request lives from them whenever yours run out.

    All the game's levels includes a tower to climb and each level has different requirements of overcoming it. From reaching a particular score to destroying certain type of monsters on the board, you won’t get bored playing as there are more than 600 floors with 2 or 3 levels in every floor. It might take months to complete. While this game has the same type of three-match system, monster busters stands out from the rest with presentation, music and an enormous amount of levels in the game. Not to mention it's fun busting up each type of monster that might have scared you as a kid. It’s really a game you can play for hours and doesn't get boring.

    9. Legend of Egypt : Jewels of the Gods
    I have long been fascinated with pyramids and mummies so I do tend to enjoy playing anything connected to them. Legend of Egypt: Jewel of the Gods offers something different when it comes to three-match type of games. While it looks similar to the games above, in this game you build settlements in Egypt when you progress farther. Imagine, you built Egypt! Now how awesome is that? (At least you built something amazing even if just in a game right?).
    Aside from that, all the other features that Candy Crush and other three-match games have in common are in this one too. The more pieces you put together, the higher the points. I really loved playing this game as I personally enjoyed the story.

    10. Diamond Digger Saga
    Yes! Diamonds are in this game and are perhaps the best part? Diamond Digger Saga is another three-match game from King, the creator of Candy Crush.

    The gameplay is same as Candy Crush, so your goal will be to match 3 or more pieces together. While the visuals are dull compared to candy crush, that doesn’t take the fun out of the game. The music and the visuals actually compliment each other. The sparkling diamonds and adorable voice overs add to the overall experience.
    There is technically nothing new here, but there is something about this game that makes me feel so relaxed while playing. I feel there is less pressure when playing this game and I am able to just enjoy playing it without feeling crunched for time or having to meet some other goal.

    There we go, I hope you enjoyed this list of games like Candy Crush.

    I played all of these games, but I just realized something while writing this article. A game isn’t exactly a rip off when it has exact qualities as other games. There may be similarities, but once you get to play the a specific game, you would find that each of them has their own identity, a way to stand out from the crowd.

    So with that being all said it’s that awkward end of the article. I need to grab a bag of candies or something. Happy gaming.
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  2. Workingbuck

    Workingbuck New Member

    Great time killers. Played a lot of these for hours. I have played most of these games, Zuma's revenge most of the time, and A lot of Candy Crush too. Mobile gaming is taking the world by storm nowadays isn't it?

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