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The Best Games like Stardoll -Dress up in style

Discussion in 'Games Like... Video Game Reccomendations' started by Kaidus, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    The game Stardoll, is a free and paid for online style browser game. Based on the Paper Doll concept, your goal is to assist your online avatar in becoming the "star," with distinct styles, new accessories, hair styles,, and the latest fashion trends. For those who are looking for similar games, there are quite a few out there.

    stardoll2.png When choosing the best games like Stardoll, players are looking for fun, fashion, and the ability to completely custom create their own avatar, and bring them to life. Whether you are looking for a unique adaptation of the game, something entirely different (while still allowing for custom design), or something in between, there are many games from which to choose.

    These are some of the best games like Stardoll, for kids and adults, of all ages.

    1. SmallWorlds -


    The social media based MMORPG game is a virtual style game, bringing together people from around the world to create distinct characters and unique styles for their online avatar. It might be a small world, but with over 20 million online users, it truly has reached an international and diverse audience of gaming enthusiasts.

    Engage in distinct characters, immerse yourself in design and recreate your own distinct look with your online avatars. Allow yourself to become a design expert, and interact with others who want to live in an online virtual world, which they can't live in their own reality and daily life.

    2. GalaStories -


    MMO, RPG, social stories, and fashion, are just a few of the many distinct stories you can bring together with this online platform. The virtual world game is a simulation of elements, and distinct characters, allowing you to bring your own imagination and create a distinct reality for your online avatars.

    Interact with other players, hang out, do some shopping, its really up to you which direction you take, and who you engage with in this online world you create. Explore and interact, and truly create your own distinct world with millions of worldwide players.

    3. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood -


    Believe it or not the Kardashian's also have an online avatar game. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be the multi-millionaire model and reality TV show star, you can find out on this online platform. Dress her, take her around town, and create your own reality for this reality TV personality online.

    Live the life of a well known, high ranking celebrity, without having to deal with the real world drama, and the gossip that comes along with it. In this online virtual world, you are in complete control, you make the decisions, and you get the designer brand name accessories, clothing, cars, and fame. It might only be an online interpretation, but its still fun to imagine what life would be like if you were a reality show celebrity.

    4. Doll and the City -


    The online virtual reality world is quite addictive once you immerse yourself into game play. The simulation style game allows you to express yourself through a doll's perspective. Just imagine what your favorite doll would do, say, and how she/he would act if they were alive. In this game, you can create those interpretations, and have a little fun in an alternative universe you would never get to live in as a human being.

    5. City Girl Life -


    Want the rich and famous celebrity boyfriend? Designer handbags, shoes, and clothing? In this simulation game, you can have it all. Focused on the teen and tween audience, the game lets you live life in Rodeo Drive, enjoy the lavish lifestyle, and really become the social elite you aren't in your own life. Fun, distinct, and glamour are a few words you will think of through this online adaptation of a celebrity's life.
    For those who want to live the life of fame and fortune, and love the glitz and glamour of designer names, fashions, and brands, this is your chance to enjoy it.

    A few additional titles which are similar to the Stardoll alternate universe game include:

    • Social Girl
    • GirlSense
    • Mall World
    • The Sims Free Play
    • Jo Jo's Fashion Show 2
    • Fashion Design World
    • Maya's Dress Up
    • Coco Girl
    • Top Stylist
    • IMVU
    • Style Me Girl
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