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Binary Sparks - A weather/electricity puzzle game

Discussion in 'Beta Zone' started by Amber Crown Games, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Here are some new pictures:


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  2. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    I think colored platforms could be very distracting if done wrong, really depends if you could think of a way to do it where it looks cool and adds to the world. One alternative idea is to change the color of the tiles that are close to your character, so it feels like your interacting with the environment.

    Have you thought about switching to a 3rd person camera?

    I really like the added planet, especially the color :)! Have you tried making it bigger. (like 20-40 times bigger so it fills the screen when you see it? The colors of the background look fantastic.

    I know this really doesn't make sense in space (luckily this is another dimension ), have you experimented with adding a fog system to the game? It might improve the overall look, especially with a first person style camera. If not fog, perhaps clouds moving through the level?

    I like the addition of the lazer.
  3. I could try that with the platforms later on but right now Im already having some performance and rendering problems that slows dow the game a bit (know how to fix it in a packaged game). I am uncertain about it actually.

    Yeah maybe. I started to wonder why I had a FPS view at all, but then I added the laser shooting mechanic, and now the FPS makes sence more.

    Do you really think the planet should be even bigger?

    Some fog would absolutely do good:)


    Is this good enough for a new demo release? Im releasing anothet demo on sunday
  4. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    I enjoyed the game much more this time, the third level was just the right amount difficult.

    I really liked the third level the best, especially since it feels more non-linear while playing. I enjoyed solving the puzzles way more when they were less obvious.
    Now that I've played the third level, the first two really feel like tutorials. I think people would almost really enjoy a super quick tutorial level then get thrown into level 3. (such as merging levels 1 and 2)

    I didn't notice any slowdowns on my computer while playing. Possible to optimize more? The file download size being 3/4 of a gigabite may be dettering people from trying your game. (took me a full hour to download. )

    Have you looked into the game Portal yet for more ideas?
  5. Hi thanks nice to hear:) I deleted some of the tutorial voices in the first level because I felt that some things were very obvious now that I have less distractting detail objects.

    I teach people the main basics in the dirst two levels and introduce three new things in the third level, although I could have the computer puzzle and dimensiom shifts in an earlier level. Maybe put the thirld level as the forth and make a leven im between.

    You said that it DIDNT run slow, why should it be optimized?

    Did it really take that long to download? It shouldnt take more than max 15 min. You sure you have a fast internet connection?

    Thank you so much for playing again and consistently feedbacking

    Yes I have some ideas. I will have a paint bucket so you can color any contact in the color of the paintbucket, so it can get plugged into a completely different plugin.

    I will also have a magnet to pull far away objects to you.

    Then I will have smaller enemies you need to shoot now that you have a laser mechanic.
  6. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    I played it again and had some problems..
    Please don't be mad/upset or anything and accept my feedback. I just want to help you.
    -I got stucked at level 2 when I had to pass that red barrier or whatever it is ( the last thing you have to do in this level ). I just didn't know what to do.. Maybe a tutorial will be nice ( something like if the player spends more than 1 minute without passing after he collected all 4 pieces, a tutorial would pop up)

    - The game is way better than the last time but it still has some problems
    -Please add sprint for shit -> It's too slow, Some sprint would be better in my point of view
    -Nice screen when you run the game
    -Now the menu works with my resolution ( 1280x1024)
    -The soundtrack for level 1 isn't very good.. I mean I would like something else.. anything else ( it's just my opinion, maybe other people would like it)
    -The soundtrack for level 2 is way better, the entire level is awesome
    - I sugget to change the voice from game - an old man instead of that woman ( it will sound better )

    This is just my opinion, maybe other people will like the game as it is now

  7. Did you get stuck at the laser net? If you played the first level you learn the only way to pass laser nets..Its a tag and its hidden. I always try to use only one way to get around certain things.

    Yeah I would add a sprint to it. That would be something.

    Nice that the menu shows up correctly.

    What is bad with the music? Doesnt it fit and why/how?

    I will go with the female voice but I will add many different voices in the fullversion.

    And Im not mad ofcourse.

    Thanks alot for the feedback
  8. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    Those sound like some excellent ideas, I look forward to trying them out.
    I also second the idea for a sprint buton.

    I got briefly stuck on the laser tag as well, not sure why I couldn't find the target faster, I think I did a full circle of the level before I found it.

    For the internet and the optimization: (these are my opinions)

    -I feel its important as a game designer personally to do what I can for people that don't have a fast internet connecton or people who don't have a fast computer. Take for example those fancy parallax scrolling websites. Sure they look amazing, however when they take someone 10-30 seconds to load each webpage people care much less about how fancy it looks. Someone with a very slow internet may not be able to use it at all.

    -By optimizing a game it leave room for new opertunities later on, and by not optimizing early on it can make expanding the game into more complex ideas much harder.
  9. Yeah I hope so. Although right now I have a LOT in school, so I will only fix some small details like the sprint and laser tag thing.

    Maybe the laser tag was hard to see in the second level as the sky is orange. I can lower it a bit. I dont wanna make it to easy though.

    I dont understand exactly what you mean by optimizing? Making it faster to download? Did the earlier version also take a long time to download? I can try fixing this even if I dont know how. I mean I dont know how much I can control here (except deleting assets and so on maybe)

  10. Also Ill try downloading on two different networks and computers today and see what I can do.
  11. Kaidus

    Kaidus Administrator Staff Member

    It really depends how optimized your game is already. Optimizing images and audio files usually helps reduce the file size and often the frame rate.

    To be honest, I don't think it needs the most concern at the moment, I feel its good practice.

  12. Ofcourse. Ill really work on this. If it takes one hour to download its waaay to much.

    Actually I have some unused files this is one problem for sure.
  13. Hi! I deleted a lot of unused assets and I managed to get the packaged game down by 100 MB (it shall be like 600 MB or something now).

    I didnt add a sprint, but I increased the walking speed of the player (B.O.B) so that he wals kinda faster (not too slow, but not super fast either).

    I also lowered and put the laser tag on the second level closer to the laser net. I feel like it was hard to find on the orange skybox.

    I will make small updated for Demo 1.2 and fixing details and performance. Any greater updates might have to wait since I have much in school and Im also working on another game atm.

    Thanks again
  14. RazTutu

    RazTutu Member

    Can't wait to see your new demo. I can't watch the stream tomorrow but I will download the new demo as soon as possible.
    One question: Where do you learn/did you learn to do all this stuff?

  15. Thanks nice to hear! I dont know when the new demo will be out, I might add one level and some more dialogue. I have am amazing story now that Im working on for the entire game, which I will show off a little bit of in the new demo.

    But you did play Demo 1.2 right? I have some small updates on that to, but nothing that changes the general gameplay/levels.

    Its no problem, just wanted to post here for anyone so they know:)

    Where I learnt all this stuff? First, I am studying game development at university, and there I had both a course in Unreal Engine and also Autodesk Maya, the modelling tool I am using. Apart from that, Im just extremely stubborn and sit way to much developing games, so I've learnt alot myself :)

    Hope that gives youa good answer!

    Stay tuned!

  16. UPDATES:

    -Jumping over fires using objects no longer possible
    -Unclear puzzle elements and/or objectives clarified(on for example level 2)
    -Dialogue/story is in more deep development-Added smaller "easter eggs" or bonus stuff
    -UI click sound added
    -Dimension Switch Mesh changed (to a more power-up looking thing)
    - New roof on the top of "buildings"

    Changes I'll be working on the coming time:

    -More performance/rendering cost/memory management fixes (Ill try to hire a technical artist for this)
    -Laser and component offsets when player is small (doesnt look and work quite right)
    -Design some more levels-Add a cutscene in between level 1 & 2

    Thanks for still following the development of this game.

    Stay tuned!


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  18. Updated environment details and new objects for Binary Sparks!








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