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Binary Sparks - A weather/electricity puzzle game

Discussion in 'Beta Zone' started by Amber Crown Games, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Hi! Boring news, the implementation of the fullversion together with my team mates will be DELAYED 6-12 months, since Ive just taken my bachelor's degree from Malmö University and Im now looking for full-time jobs. Small updates might come now and then but don't expect much from the project now.

    I really want this project to succeed and becoming one of the best experiences for you guys out there, and this is hard to accomplish with lack of economy. If I delay it and save it till later, I will be able to work more serious and full-time with the project, and starting up my own company which also will make me able to pay my team mates much better, which also will result in better quality for Binary Sparks.

    I will explain more on my TWITCH STREAM, sunday 9/12 - 08.00 PM CEST:
    I might work on my other project a little bit:

    Thanks for your understanding!


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