Beyond Good & Evil Breakdown Review – Before you buy

I just recently came across this game despite it’s attempts at alluding my childhood.    Funny how some of the best games just didn’t get very popular.

Well Beyond good & Evil does have it’s fan base, some consider it their favorite game ever.

The idea behind our breakdown reviews is we split the game into graphics, gameplay and story so you can freely skip past spoilers,  first lets have a quick overview

  • Free to explore open world. (Explore this world on a hovercraft or by walking)
  • Challenging and creative boss fights. (usually you fight a giant boss after completing a dungeon)
  • NPCs will always have something to say that will add to the story.
  • Discovering items in the dungeons(ruins) will allow you to buy additional weapons and upgrades
  • Lots of mini games that can be found by talking to NPCs
  • Comical in game cut scenes (Less cinematic than most games, like Zelda)
  • Lots of in game puzzles, many that focus around getting from A to B.


I really like how Beyond Good and Evil allows a bit of freedom in the game.   Sure like there is a sequential order to the main story-line, however the game doesn’t stop you from making pit stop pearl hunts or upgrades to your hovercraft.    These more slow events are nice when you’ve been breaking into an abandoned factory for the past two hours trying to save the world.

Beyond good and evil city on the water

There are many mini games that break you away from the typical hack and slash games including boat races, futuristic air hockey and the 3 cup shuffle at the bar.

I personally prefer the third person camera in these games, however the game often switches to a locked camera in tight corridors that feels glitchy at times.

The game uses a multi character system where Double H and Pey’j will assist you as you play.   By pressing the E key you can utilize Pey’js Barranco D53 to move heavy obstacles, cut through fences or knock enemies into the air.

Battle System

Simple left click to perform a series of attacks with your Daï-jo (staff weapon) and right click to dodge.   By using the directional pad you can freely dodge attacks in any direction and perform backwards or frontwards attacks.   Later on you get a Gyrodisk launcher that you can use to attack enemies from a distance and activate switches.

Pey’js can use his Jet boots to fly in the air and smash into the ground knocking enemies into the air.   By using your staff at just the right time you can bat these immobile enemies into obstacles or other monsters

.beyond good and evil battle system screenshot

Hovercraft battles quite fun as the hovercraft is controlled in a third person style as well.   By collecting Pearls you can upgrade the firepower and speed of your hovercraft.

Most of the boss fights are slightly less creative than say the latest Zelda games.   Zelda bosses transform and get harder as their life depletes while most of the bosses in Beyond good and evil usually have just one trick to them.    They are rather ferocious and unforgiving and likely won’t fall with one attempt.

The final boss however feels like a good old fashioned Zelda boss.     Time everything perfect and make as few mistakes as possible if you want victory and enjoy the final cinematic.



Released in 2004 the graphics of course show polygons, imperfections and at time a lack of detail.   Still Check out some of these screenshots from the PC release.

Pedestrian district, beyond good and evil, gameplay, Screenshot, PC,HD,

Pedestrian District at night.




Although a common plot setting of an Earth like planet at war for centuries with an alien race, Beyond Good and Evil does a great job at making this a minor point to the overall story.  The real joy is as you journey with Jade, meet friends, battle giant aliens and monsters and perhaps overthrow a government conspiracy.

cinematics-aliens from Beyond Good and Evil

The characters will talk on their own as you pass them so it’s important to listen as you walk by.    Pey’j and Agent Double HH will often say or do something ridiculous or unexpected that should have you laughing at least a few times in this game.

The story covers a wide range of emotion as Jade desperately attempts to put an end to the war.   Will she succeed?

The second installment to the series has been in production for the last ten years and at the moment has no plans to be cancelled.

Beyond good and evil 2 screenshot

What version of the game should you buy?

Beyond Good and Evil had a second release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in full 60FPS and High resolution.     While the resolution alone makes a huge impact on the overall quality, the game doesn’t feel much more polished with these HD releases.      These releases are available for direct download on the PS3 and Xbox 360

The PC release of this games in my opinion doesn’t look any different than these HD releases and is typically the cheapest option for getting the game.


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