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Dungeon Fighter Online

(available on Steam or through PC Browser Download)

Dungeon Fighter is a side scroll beat them up with MMORPG elements.  The way this game plays reminds me of old school games such as the Streets of Rage series, Golden Axe and even more recently the free to download Final Fantasy XV Kings Tale on PS4 (I highly recommend it) , but with slightly less versatile combo attacks and powers.


  • Great combo usage
  • Fast paced action beat-them-up  action with very little to no carry and fetch tasks.
  • Dungeon and PVP arenas.
  • Great comic book cut scenes.
  • Loads of content / events/ daily rewards/ challenges/collections/ titles.
  • Hints of a pay to win system very early on around storage.
  • Interesting and challenging bosses.
  • Promotion system – multi-tiered through awakenings at certain levels.
  • Korean sound – English subs.
  • Anime style graphics.
  • Great explanations and sign posting.

Character Creation

There are a wide range of classes for you to choose from in this game, most of them offering male and female counterparts.   There are 42 unique classes to choose from but the core ones are: slayer, fighter, gunner, mage, priest and thief.  All these classes offer 4 optional promotion paths as an awakening at level 18, and then offer another additional promotions at level 50 and 70.

There are additional classes to choose from, such as the lancer, knight among others which do not offer as many branching choices as they are newer additions.  There are also two locked classes for end-game content.

When creating your character the game provides an depth video of your character in action.  So, you can decide if it is a style and/or skills you want to play.  The gunner has components from all four of the awakening classes allowing you to test out the best play style for you.  Here is a quick guide to the classes available:

It should be noted that that gender is not just an aesthetic choice but depending on the gender you choose you get different upgrade classes and abilities.


Upon choosing my character I got a stylish comic-book-esque cut scene that detailed how my character entered the Dungeon in the universe.  The scene has voice acting, but doesn’t have an English dub – only subtitles.

On the very first screen you meet a mysterious warrior with a very large sword that explains the combat system, basic plot, and some of the UI in-between facing waves of enemies.  This indicated early on that the main focus of the game was around dungeon style action.

The story is driven forward through dialogue and so far, rather than just being on an epic quest you are rescuing other adventurers in trouble, however the epic quest still feels like it is very much a part of the game.  The land is under attack by a mysterious evil nightmare that is corrupting spirits into evil beings and you have to save them/defeat them.

Most important encounters with NPC’s have so far taken place in the dungeons and not in towns, clearly showing where most of this game takes place.

Game play

The game play is very similar to a side scrolling action beat them up.  You unleash combo attacks and generate a score on a meter. Different styles of attacks generate a bonus, such as aerial, counter or back attacks. Your score is also rated Devil May Cry style. The game involves you managing to avoid both close range attack, as well as long range which makes dodging more important.

The character I used had a good array of combos and cool-down powers that helped in differing situations.   I could unleash a Gatling gun to spray a mob with a powerful unrelenting torrent of bullets, but this powerful attack was slow and only worked from long range.

I also had a series of close range kicks that either swept the enemies to the floor or threw them into the air to keep them from closing in on me.  These were more effective at close range than my main attack.

I found the Gunner was a little awkward to handle at first due to the distance you had to be from the target to attack. Getting to close will mean the attack misses, and the same is said for being too far away.  So, there was a little bit of a learning curve but after a few battles you’ll learn where best to position yourself in a fight. I also get the feeling it was designed to be this way for this class and that close range characters wouldn’t suffer from this.

The dungeons are compromised of several areas, where you have to defeat the enemies in the first area before moving on the nex.  In the final area a boss awaits you.  The combo score would be tallied up, I would be given a rank, and a chance at winning some special loot.   There are also paid options to get more loot on this screen.

Unlike the other free MMORPGs I’ve played the enemies do not drop an ocean of health potions giving you unlimited health.  This provides a better challenge with the bosses in each dungeon as you have to actually manage your potion supply.  It is easy to run out and die in boss battles.

Each dungeon and quest has a party screen before you enter.  This allows you to search for party members before entering a dungeon.

The bosses drop a lot of equipment for you to equip – and this provides you into the early glimpse of a pay-walled system.  Like other games the inventory space of a storage box in town, or your own space can only be expanded through buying in game currency.  This suggests that there will be a lot of systems in game that will be gated by a payment scheme.

There are lots of optional extras in the for you to explore and keep you interested. There are daily rewards for login:


Schedule of events (and there was more for the arena, instant dungeons and special scenarios):

And load of titles for you to earn:

I don’t know what earning the title of beast slayer does for me other than putting a big flashing neon sign above my head, but at least I’ll get some respect in town.

A level 12 gunslinger whose killed thirty enemies is no noob!

The game also provides help walk-through of the User Interface as your progress meaning you’ll understand how to use everything very easily.

There is also a very prominent arena system, which makes me think that this game will have a lot of PVP systems in place.   I unfortunately did not get my character high enough to take part in any of the arena challenges.  From what I can see of the guides and discussion of the PVP element online there is a lot of depth to this element and lots of strategies to learn and understand.


The graphics were average.   The characters look interesting and their combos and actions look good whilst playing.   Although some of the enemy models looked like little girls, and pumping lead into their prone bodies as they bleed and cried left me feeling a little unsettled…

The cut scenes were a very high anime standard. The opening cut scene did this cool animation trick where the cases of the gunners bullets over lapped the comic scenes, which produced a highly polished scene, and was fantastically done.

And the backgrounds were decently varied and different – with a lot of interesting features going on.



There was a vibrant community presence in town as I was leaving to explore the instance dungeons.  All dungeons were instanced and as such I never run into any players outside of town. The chat was quite active in my time in the game, with players asking questions about game-play – such as what is the best beast for their character class and the other players were kind to respond to these questions.



A nice mind-less button smasher that reminds me of old school beat them ups.  Gets a little repetitive if you play for long periods – mostly due to lack of combo variations.  Definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of beat the ups and have some spare time.

If I missed something let me know in the comments below!

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