Best Survival Games Like Rust | You NEED to Play These Now!


Games like Rust, if you want a tough environment that makes you fight with all your might every step of the way for your survival, these are for you.

Some of the best things in Rust

  • tough environment
  • start with nothing, have to make your own way
  • choice of action is entirely up to player
  • game is what players want it to be (build towns, be assassins, etc.)
  • different battles and enemies to interact with
  • lots of player vs player action
  • collecting,building, and defending is necessary to survival

For those who are looking for games like Rust to play, there are a few to consider.

All of these games are tough, survival based games that also involve crafting, collection, and building as you start with almost nothing and have to play to become more powerful and more able to survive in the harsh environments.

1. 7 Ways to Die – More Recent Release

The horror video game is one of the most popular games like Rust to date.

The game is set in an open world style of play, where you are going to free roam through the levels of play, as you encounter new enemies you have to defeat in order to survive the platform.

A world building content style of play is dynamic, unique, and has become one of the newest games like Rust, which has redefined the manner in which players are going to try to survive as they encounter different enemies, different battles, and continually new twists and turns as they make it through the gaming levels.

As far as games like Rust for PS4, 7 Ways to Die is an option however player may find it lacking compared to the PC version.

2. H1Z1 – Similar in Leveling and Area of Play

This is an open world first person survival zombie shooter game.

You will fight different types of combatants from zombies, bears, to other players. You will experience epic battles along the way due to the variety of locations and enemies as well as the intensity that pressures you to aim quickly and accurately to kill others before they kill you.

Towns with scarce materials that have already been picked through since it is the apocalypse as well as forests and other areas will have to be carefully utilized  as you gather clothes, weapons, vehicles, food, water, bandages, and anything else you may need to survive.

Although players can pay for air drops of extra guns and other items to help them in the game there is still a lot to explore and enjoy aside from this one hiccup that can make it pay to win.

As well as being a PC game H1Z1 is a game like Rust for PS4 and XBox One also.

3. ARK Survival Evolved – Constantly Evolving and Adapting

This 2017 game is one of the newest games like Rust, which truly takes players back in time, to a prehistoric era.

This is a first person open world dinosaur game!

You will encounter different beasts, such as taking on large dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures each with different temperaments and attack strategies. You will continually have to adapt, change, and learn how to battle these creatures which are much larger than you are.

You can even tame and ride the dinosaurs, build bases, and craft items as you explore and enjoy everything else the game has to offer.

Each action also has a reaction, harvesting wood from trees damages your health, running around gets you hot, and so on. In order to be successful in the game you have to keep all this in mind as well as look out for creatures and other players that can both kill you.

Ark Survival is available on PC but is also a good option for games like Rust on PS4 and XBox.

4. DayZ – Starts Simple, Gets Gritty

In a harsh post apocalyptic world, you are truly going to have to tiptoe your way through the stages, deal with the hybrid, horror themes and characters, and fight this “kill or be killed” style world you are to get out alive.

You will start with almost nothing and have to carefully collect and build your resources as you journey to survive.

The multiplayer, first shooter style makes this game equally challenging and rewarding. Other players can help or kill you so you are forced to use tactical analysis and new ways of thinking in order to get out of the world they have been placed in.

Currently available as a PC game only, XBox and Playstation versions are supposed to be on the way.

5. Factoria – New Take on RTS

Factoria is a overhead view RTS manufacturing game.

You will start by landing on the ground with no supplies and only the most basic minerals; from there you will start gathering and crafting. As you gather and craft more, you will expand your base and be able to build new things eventually creating a large area covered in conveyor belts that is completely automated. However, things can also change without warning and then your entire base will grind to a halt until you figure out how to solve the new problem.

Factoria is one of the most popular games like Rust for those who enjoy building bases and encountering realistic problems that arise as you expand.

What makes Factoria so addicting is the problems and the feeling of success as you solve them and then you start expanding, progressing, and run into more problems! Or maybe you don’t, the whole game is unpredictable unless you understand and keep track of every aspect of it. Although it is a different sort of game than Rust in many ways, it is similar in the sense that you are constantly fighting to survive.

If you have your favorite game like Rust that we missed in our top 5 list, leave us a comment and let us know! We will continue to actively update and maintain this list.

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