Aura Kingdom Review : The MMORPG Journey Continues.

Aura Kingdom Online : The MMORPG Journey Continues.

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Aura Kingdom is a 3D action MMORPG where all it’s classes have trainer/tamer element to them.  All class get to choose an eidolon companion at the start of the game that you learn to summon early on.  These eidolon function a lot like pets, where you can train and level them up with food and they provide support during battle.


  • Fantastic battle action supported by great skills and unique class abilities
  • Eidolons provide great support – and there are hints you acquire more in later levels
  • Has a jump/glide function which is good for exploring roof-tops and avoiding damage
  • Quests have an auto-function so if you are ever lost a glittering path appears on screen and your character will also charge off towards it
  • Great variety of fantastically animated enemies on field maps and in dungeons
  • Great amounts of freedom surrounding character choice/game-play
  • Early access to a mount for fast travel
  • Lots of back and fore through dialogue to complete quests which can get tiring and slow the action down
  • Special co-op dungeons where you need at least 3 players to enter
  • Party finding system.
  • Lots of variety to tasks, monster capture, fame quests, dungeons, hidden quest, fishing ect.
  • Equipment customization starts early on in the game.

Character Creation

At the character selection screen you have two choices to make your characters class, and the type of eidolon you wish to have.  In regards to you character there are a huge variety of classes to choose from with a variety of strengths and skills this video gives you a brief overview:-

I choose the ravager class as they had a very big axe. I was also very tempted by the scythe and shinobi classes.

You also get the choice between these eidolons:-

I choose the healer as I thought they’d support my damage dealing axe guy well.

You have a great choice in how you level up your character being provided with titles that increase stats, stat points, masteries and Envoy Paths Bonuses.  These mean you can tailor the character to you own playing style.

There are hints that your eidolon changes over time too due to the type of material that you feed it.  You can interact and chat with your eidolon to to improve its MP and gain special quests.


The action system is fantastic.  As a ravager I was unleashing fast paced attacks that built up my rage bar, which increased the amount of damage I did per hit.  I believe this rage component is something unique to the ravager class and each class has a distinct play style like this.  Here is a short slice of quest type actions: –

Quests are not always centered around fighting, but also collection.  These tasks become more varied and challenging later on where you have to kidnap pirates instead of defeating them or use your collection skills whilst avoiding enemy patrols which keep the tasks fresh and add challenges.  The quest lines in the area follow one overarching story theme and accumulate into a boss battle:-

There are king monsters on the maps represented by a silver crown killing these will initiate a capture quest where you have to take them back to NPC to receive a reward.  An example of this can been seen on the end of the golem game-play video above.

There are also dungeons for you to explore which are home to tough monsters to battle:-

There were various pastoral pursuits for you to pursue outside of combat, such as fishing, cooking, crafting.  There seemed to be a huge emphasis on the fishing elements – with frequent updates about legendary catches that had appeared in the area.

There was also a huge variety of tasks to undertake – daily collection tasks, hidden mission that could be done daily, monster capturing tasks, fame quests (found on bulletin boards and unlocked above my level) and co-op dungeons to defends your dimension from demons.  Here is a look at the achievements in the game :-

There was an element of a pay model in some the quests, one were you had to purchase the item in question with in game currency.  However, this quest was optional and centered around exploring the paid content and as such could easily be ignored.

A lot of features are level-locked too, which means you will be constantly discovering new things to do as you progress.


The story starts out in an extremely cliched and tired dream sequence of the final battle.  You navigate your over-powered hero to the final boss, are over-powered and awake in your little fishing hamlet.  Although, the two area story-lines that I have played through only hint at the destined end of your journey, and seem almost totally unrelated to the menacing evil in the dream.

A lot of the quests will have you running back and forth from dialogue and characters too, which seems to slow down the action and maybe give you a bit too much story on the small scale.  I found myself skipping the dialogue more and more, no longer really caring about the long lengthy reasons I needed to exterminate crab populations.

The story is told through a series of dialogues that look like this: –

And through cut-scenes like this:-

Throughout the adventure you also have the opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversation of towns folk, which unlocks achievements, gives you LP points and may even unlock the hidden quests.  It also provides background information to the world, characters, and town.


The game has excellent graphics.

Your character is well drawn, colorful and has a well realized move set that looks bad ass to watch and unleash.

There is a costume option in your inventory where you can change the style of clothes and weapon your character carries.  These are both rewarded through quests and available to buy for real-life money from the store.

There are a variety of different monsters in each area, that are also gorgeously rendered and drawn.  The boss monsters have animated tells for when they are going to unleash a devastating attack as well as a red damage area tell you where to avoid these attacks.

Towns, fields and dungeons are drawn beautifully and with great variety – giving you a sense that you are indeed exploring a virtual world.


Unfortunately, a lot of the community functions did not unlock until level 20 (and I had already spent about 3-4 hours in the game) At level twenty you get access to the party forming wizard, guild options and the co-op dungeons.   The town you move too seems to be busy with what looks like some pretty high level players and content: –


Daddy, I want a dragon too….. 🙁

Due to time restrains I was unable to explore these options, but if the chat is anything to it seems like the community is alive and willing to respond to a call to arms.



A solid action MMORPG that is well worth playing, even though there is a lot of dialogue that seems to weigh down the action.  I got the sense the game is a bit slow to start, and at around level 20 where I stopped playing is where things are really going to get interesting.   A great MMORPG for beginners to try due to auto-map quests and easy UI system, as well as in built support from your eidolon.

Game-Play 6/10.  Great Combat, but weighed down by dialogue heavy quests.

Story 5/10.  Cliched, slow and too in-depth on the micro-level which slows down the action.

Freedom 7/10 Lots of choices around everything – how to play and how to level.

Graphics 9/10 Colorful and faultless anime style graphics.

Community 6/10 I get the feeling there is an active community from chat, but haven’t tried partying u


Overall – 7/10.

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