Rift Breakdown Review

If you have played MMORPGs in the past then much of Rift will be familiar to you.

Class selections, crafting, questing, battling, attack controls and many other aspects of the game are kept simple and similar to other popular MMORPGs on the market.

Rifts determination to stick with a tree system for talent specialization and customization is one of the things that sets this game apart. If you missed having it play a primary role in other games, this one might be for you.

The game starts out pretty slow and you should be prepared for the usual simple quests to get you started. Although the enemies are not viciously challenging, around level 10 you start to take part in rifts and the game begins to pick up speed, especially later on as you begin to fill out your soul tree and customize your character more.

Some aspects of the game have stood the test of time however there is quite a bit that clearly shows its age such as textures, mechanics, and sound effects as well as the camera which can be a little glitchy in cramped spaces.

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Rift borrows a lot from many other popular titles in the same genre. Although what it does, it does decently, there is not much new material to enjoy. If you enjoy playing other games similar to Rift then take a look at these features which you may recognize.

Common or Copied Features in Rift:

  • Kill and collect quests
  • Exploration
  • Character/world concepts
  • Player VS player battles
  • Crafting
  • Sub class customization
  • Fantasy style graphics
  • Group dungeons
  • Mounts

Unique features in rift are primarily its continued use of a talent tree system as well as how rifts appear in the sky. Although the former is not original to this game, Rift has continued to use it throughout the years. The rifts that appear in the sky are an intimidating visual and somewhat enjoyable to take part in with other players however they do not feel as captivating as they look, while inside one it feels the same as any other skirmish against attacking forces.

Considering Rift is free to play for the basic version, there isn’t much reason not to give it a shot for a little while and seeing what you think. However, as many aspects of the game are lacking the feel of a truly polished game keep your expectations low and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised!


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