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Mount & Blade was one of the first games to master horseback combat in a way that worked consistently and where the controls didn’t make you feel like you were piloting a rickety ice-cream truck. Yet, Mount And Blade didn’t stop there. The developers created an open world where your destiny is your own, where your level upgrades actually had a noticeable effect, and where the battle maps were more than just a melee of iron and blood.

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Games Similar To Mount And Blade

To be honest, there are very few games like Mount And Blade as of 2017, however due to it’s popularity more are sure to follow. It stands relatively alone in its field, but there are some games that allow you to experience different elements of Mount & Blade, so here are a few you may like to consider.

1. Kenshi

Kenshi is an open-ended RPG. You get to fight swarms of bandits on a real-time 3D map. The free-roaming element makes it similar to Mount And Blade, and you can pick your own path in life–be it a trader, warlord, rebel or thief.

One of the most noticeable differences is the fact that Kenshi lacks character and often feels vapid and hollow. You are running around doing your own thing, but it is tough to figure out your own motivation. Much of the time, you have to find ways of making your own fun. That is not to say that Kenshi is a bad game, in fact, it deserves is positive online reputation, but it just cannot compete with Mount And Blade.

2. War of the Roses

Some of the fight mechanics in “War of the Roses” the game are very similar to Mount And Blade. They are similar in terms of how you swipe in different directions, and how your position with regards to your enemy makes a difference on how effective your strike is. Your strike also has a different effect based on where you strike, how hard you strike, and with what weapon you strike. In these respects, it is fair to say that many of the fight mechanics are similar to Mount & Blade. Even the sound effects of iron crushing bone are crispy and juicy like with M&B.

The game War of the Roses involved running around and taking part in medieval-style battles with other online players. Sadly, the developers have removed the game from the servers and deleted it from online hosts. You cannot even play LAN versions of the game because of a lack of support. The game was officially closed down on the 28th of February 2017. The game only had 2500 active players when it was shut down. If you want to play, you will have to wait for GOG.com to resurrect it as they have done with so many other old and abandoned games.

3. Fable

If you were quickly shown a clip of a character running around a village in Fable, and quickly shown a clip of a character running around a village in M&B, you could be forgiven for thinking they are the same game. In truth, the skins in Fable are more textured, even if they are stretched over less complex objects. In Fable, you get to run around various locations cutting up enemies and slicing the snot from the nose of angry villains.

Yet, Fable differs from Mount & Blade in a wide variety of ways. For example, Fable has a very strong and linear story, whereas you make your own story in M&B. Fable is more about story progression and fighting, whereas Mount And Blade is an open-world sandbox game where the user experience goes the direction you lead it. Nevertheless, if you would like to try something similar to the Mount & Blade fighting style and setting, then try Fable because it is a fairly decent game for people who like story-focused RPG games.

4. Sid Meier’s Pirates

You wouldn’t think that Sid Meiers would be any good at creating pirate games, especially ones with a real-time mechanic. Nevertheless, his Pirates game isn’t bad if you like that sort of thing. Honestly, the game is very little like Mount & Blade because very few games are like M&B. Nevertheless, many who play M&B recommend it and the swordplay element is slightly similar to what you experience in Mount And Blade. You strike from different angles, you block, and you move around to get a better swinging position.

The annoying thing about Sid Meier’s Pirates is its lack of developer support. I had to go to the online community to help fix its bugs and get it working on Windows 10. Some say the fact you can sack cities is also another reason why Sid Meier’s Pirates is similar to M&B, and where I agree in theory, the process of sacking, the act itself, the after-effect, and the benefits are all very different.

5. Mount and Blade Mods

If you have seen the trailers for the games listed above, and you are not too impressed, then try a few of the Mount And Blade mods. Once you have compulsively played your 200 hours of Mount And Blade, you may try their most popular upgrade, which is Mount And Blade Warband. It improves a wide variety of Mound & Blade functions. It slightly alters the bladed combat, and it changes the way a swing does damage when you attack on horseback. Mount And Blade Warband also gives your horse a life bar, so you know how long it will be before your horse craps out on you and goes nose-first into the dirt. If you lose your horse, then knock an enemy off of his/her horse and take that one until the end of the battle.

Your horse cannot die permanently like your men do, but if it is cut down too often then it becomes lame and you find yourself hobbling around on a clunky dustbin with four legs that has all the charging power of a baby goose. There are also more weapons, armor, items, lands, kingdoms, people, quests and NPC interactions with the Warband upgrade. Do not short sell yourself by getting WarBand or any of the other mods before you have played the first Mount And Blade game. Give yourself a good 200 hours with Mount And Blade first, and then move on to the mods. You will better appreciate the upgrades once you have become accustomed to the base game.

Other Games Like Mount And Blade

6. Medieval II – Drive armor and sword wielding troops into huge battles

7. For Honor – Pick a side and hack and slash your way through your enemies as you defend your territory

8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Role playing game with horseback riding and medieval weaponry

9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – An open-world action role-playing game with bladed weapons in a dark ages setting
10. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare- A multiplayer game featuring knights and bladed combat
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