Factorio | Try Not to Get Addicted to This Game

Factorio requires a massive amount of grind, it is part of the appeal since if you were really going to build a whole factory by hand with minimal resources it would take a lot of time. However, not everyone wants to spend hours just to get one step further.


  • Build your base from the ground up
  • Start with very minimal tools
  • Your technology increases as you play and work on it
  • Build up your base to defend against alien attacks
  • Solve problems with your tech as they arise
  • Constantly have to innovate and adapt

The underlying premise is a good one, and the freeform building utility is liberating and non-restrictive.

One of the biggest selling points is the fact that you can try the game for free before having to fully commit. You may hate the game or it may be your new addiction but you can try it out for free either way.

Why You’ll Be Trying Factorio Again… and Again… and Again…. etc.

It Becomes More Complicated As You Progress

The earlier levels were pretty boring for me because there was a lot of grinding. Nobody wants to stand over a pile of rocks and hold down a mouse button for minutes on end while a poorly rendered character digs for stone…well, I didn’t anyway.

Later in the game though is when it becomes interesting because it becomes more complicated. As you gather and craft more resources you can make your factory more automated. By the later levels, the sheer weight of building and automation options you have is enough to keep you busy for hours not to mention you will constantly  have to fix problems that arrise and prepare for possible attacks from the aliens.

More Automation Means More Options

As you expand your base and your abilities you have a choice regarding how you want to set up your factory and how you get a resource from point 1 to point 2 to point 3 and so forth. Counter-intuitively, the more automation options you have, the more freedom you have to be creative. This is where the fun of the game can really come in as you let your creative side go crazy.

No Money

Many building games require some sort of money or currency but Factorio has removed the need for a currency.. People loved the old Bullfrog games where you could use money to build a Theme Park, or a Theme Hospital, or even use money to build houses in their game Constructor. Games such as Dungeon Keeper 2 and many more rely on gold to build things, and games such as Command & Conquer require Tiberium harvesting.

If you want something such as a gun, then you have to mine stone to make a furnace, mine coal to power it, mine metal to make plates, and then craft your gun. You don’t have to gather items and then use money to create a gun. You use what you have and develop the tool through a manufacturing process. It is a very inventive method for doing away with currency in a building game.


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