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So I love Angry Birds for so many reasons, let’s break it down and figure out what we are looking for when we say games like Angry Birds.

  • Aiming attack system
  • Destroying structores with enemies in them
  • Challenging gameplay that takes a few tries to beat
  • Thought and calculation needed to beat levels
  • Variety of characters to use
  • Simple yet fun graphic style
  • Continuously increasing challenge in levels
  • Cute characters

Now not all games will line up perfectly with these traits, if it did we would have an exact clone, so instead we have a list of games that have features that are similar to some of the most important ones from Angry Birds, such as the attack system.

Pudding Strike

While the story and controls in this game are slightly vague, the little globs of pudding are still enough fun to shoot into the bigger globs of pudding it doesn’t really matter. Graphic style is similar to Angry Birds and the combat system is almost identical. You shoot pudding through a sling shot and there are different types of pudding that do different things. The controls and camera glitched every now and then when I was playing but aside from that it was a pretty fun game with some unique looking levels.



If you have ever wanted to play as a vaulting cow attacking other animals then Cowaboom is for you! Although this game sounds and looks slightly ridiculous it is actually a lot of fun to play. You play as cows who run for a while and then when you release they vault insanely high into the air. Your goal is to attack a target and get all the bulls off of the target as quickly as possible. The first levels are pretty easy but gets harder as you play. The gameplay feels smooth overall although it can feel a little slow as it loads between each level. It has a very different feel than Angry Birds but a similar type of strategy is needed to finish it although it is a little easier and that, plus the hilarious levels as you progress through the game, make it a fun to play. The graphics are also adorable, possibly even cuter than Angry Birds, especially later in the game.


Angry Soldier

In Angry Soldier your best friend just got shot and now you must defend yourself, your allies, and avenge his death. Equipped with a giant bazooka you shoot at jungle style structures and tribesman. Most of the levels took between 1-5 tries to beat, there are 45 levels total, and there are also many allies that you have to avoid hitting while you attack. Overall, the game is pretty simple but has some different ideas in some of the levels (not shown here) that mix things up and keep it interesting.


Hive Defender

The strategy needed for Hive Defender is different than Angry Birds. You play as a bee with a honey cannon, there are bears all over the level that you need to destroy, you have limited movement around the level however the honey ricochets around the level slowly getting smaller until it disappears. The levels are fairly easy although they can take some planning at times to finish them with limited ammo and most took me 1-2 tries to beat. The graphics are simple and kind of cute looking like Angry Birds although the bears do get kind of covered in gore after getting hit.


Angry Animals

The characters in Angry Birds are re-invented and expanded upon in Angry Animals. There are not only birds, which look very familiar, but also bulls, sheep, and other animals that all have different abilities. The enemies are aliens who have come to invade and the farm animals have to slingshot themselves into the alien’s buildings to stop the invasion. The levels are easier than Angry Birds in the beginning and then get randomly harder around level 18. The graphics are simple and similar to Angry Birds however there is a lot going on in the background that is distracting and can get annoying as you play. The game as a whole feels somewhat glitchy and slow but is a fun new take on Angry Birds.


Siege Hero

Instead of a third person platform perspective, Siege Hero is first person and you hurl rocks instead of animals. The levels are fairly easy but fun and feel smooth during play. There are 35 levels that took me about an hour and half to beat but each level took at least more than one try so while the levels do not get insanely hard the game is satisfying and fun to play. There are also villagers inside the obstacles that you need to protect while destroying everything around them.


Crush the Castle

If you have ever wanted to fire off a trebuchet, go crazy in Crush the Castle. The graphics and gameplay feel pretty different than Angry Birds however you are able to upgrade you weapons the longer you play and the difference in controls make it challenging and new. The graphics are totally different, based more so in medieval times, and have more gore than Angry Birds. After you get used to the controls it isn’t too challenging but is still fun. Another fun feature is you can build your own castles and try to make them as durable as possible or enjoy the destruction of ridiculous structures that you come up with, like me.



Sandcastle offers some new features as you start the game with limited gold, can use it buy ammo, and then have to defend a small island with a town on it. Attacking ships come in off the ocean, you can’t see them and have to watch the trajectory of their ammo to figure out where they are coming from. Depending on how much of the town you are able to defend, you get varying amounts of gold at the end of the level. So, over time if you play good, you will be able to buy more and better ammo to defend the town better and grow your arsenal of weapons. The graphics are simple, not particularly cute, and the strategy is different than Angry Birds however the ability to customize and increase your weapons is a fun new feature and challenge.



Siege Master

Siege Master is very similar to Crush the Castle in the sense you have a catapult instead of a slingshot and throw rocks instead of animals, the targets are castles and knights. The levels are pretty challenging as you work your way across a map where you can pick what order you want to do the levels in. The graphics are clearly completely different than Angry Birds, a lot simpler, and Siege Master also has more gore which is kind of fun. The main feature that makes this game a little harder is that you can only control the power and angle but do not actually have control over the firing mechanism of the catapult.



In Sieger you fire rocks at all different types of castles and knights based of different periods in history and in almost every level you have to avoid hitting innocents stationed within the castles. This game is first person, the buildings fall apart completely and are very fun to destroy. The characters also get slightly covered in gore when they are destroyed before disappearing. The game is fairly easy although is fun to play in order just to destroy stuff.



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    Adam June 19, 2017 at 3:17 am


    Definitely the best alternative. It’s on most of the top lists.

    Looks amazing and plays well.

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