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Tree of Savior – Free MMORPG

(Steam /PC)

Tree of Savior is a free, browser based action MMORPG.  Form parties, roam maps and destroy enemies to complete quests and earn rewards.



  • Four staple character selection – Warrior, Wizard, Cleric, and Archer
  • Third person – Fixed camera
  • Hack and slash gameplay with lots of unique powers
  • Good story with mysterious elements.
  • Great quest system that offers variety.
  • Diverse maps that offer hidden rewards.
  • Lots of boss level fights.
  • Immersive anime graphics.
  • Lots of rewards and content.
  • Very active community.

Character Creation

You have four character classes to choose from: Warrior, Archer, Wizard, and Cleric.  They have a range of different abilities due to the position and role that they perform on a party.  Here is a basic look at the customization you’ll have in this game: –

All classes have upgrades that unlock when you reach a class level of 15.  Here’s a look at the warriors options:-

Highlander gives you the option to wield dual-handed weaponry whilst Pelasta is focused on shields and defense.  Or you could choose to unlock additional abilities for the Swordsman Class.  This means Swordsman is the ideal class to play if you are looking for a damage dealing class, or a tank.

You are also give the choice of starting locations.


The story line has multiple dimensions to it.  There is a catastrophe that has struck the world turning once benevolent creatures into monsters.  You receive a dream from a goddess asking to start your adventure by journeying to your starting location.  The game begins.

Mystery driven, you must uncover answers about the mysterious goddess and disaster that changed the world as you know it while discovering the sinister forces behind it.

As always, the story is driven forward through a series of quest given by NPC’s through dialogue.  The NPC’s are very cookie-cutter and just exist to give you direction.  This means they lack characterization and fails on the small-scale story elements. The characters are not only cookies but vanilla cookies at best.


The enemies and action are engaging and the powers you gain in your class work very well.  Here is a little taste of how the action looks: –

The active powers are easily accessed through keyboard shortcuts and feel very polished and the cool-downs are displayed in the easy to understand user interface.  The active powers are very easy to aim and discharge. Aside from the active powers, there are also personal buffs that enhance your stats and enemy debuffs that lower their stats.    The most popular upgrades are highlighted as ‘hot’ letting you know what other players find useful.

There are lots of areas for you to explore on field maps and they have a variety of different things for you to discover.  These include, but are not limited to, hidden shrines to goddess that boost stats, summoning a boss like monster, teleporting between the field and the city, and optional quest lines that end in repeatable quests.

There are even collections on each map that give you bonuses to your entire team: –


You have a very active adventurers log that records the quests that you’ve completed, the area of maps you’ve explored, and the monsters you’ve defeated.  This all adds to your score that will eventually give you extra rewards:


Of course there are the achievements for you to complete too.

There are many boss creature encounters on the map that require skilled dodging on certain areas while handling spawning mobs and destroying totems that have negative effects on the player.  Here is a little sample of what to expect: –

The enemy mobs drop a huge variety of goods for you to collect such as recipes to craft items, recipe items, weapons, armors, and usable items.

For a typical quest you may see eradicating a set number of monsters, drop collection, as well as searching areas for chest or hidden items.  Some quests are repeatable for extra rewards each time you complete it.

The game also allows you to buy and equip a pet that will help you in battle.

The game does skip and jump due to server lag in really busy areas, and there is one quest that keeps crashing the game every time I try to complete.  As such there are small errors and niggles that inhibit game-play, but nothing note-worry enough to not recommend..


Tree of Savior’s graphics are extremely well drawn and very colorful, anime style.  The maps and towns are drawn in a good immersive fashion that build and create an in-depth fantasy world.   The areas differ significantly, from abandoned mines, to verdant forests.

The character themselves are very well made and all the bosses have an amazing detail and scope.  One of the early bosses animations scatters the weaker enemies when approaching:-


And I loved that.

As far as Armour, you won’t really notice much of a difference until you can find higher level armour



The community is alive and well.  The town is bustling with adventurers looking for parties  to tackle dungeons, although these are usually high-leveled parties at a 90+.  You do see a lot of other players on the field engaged in the same quests as yourself but the level of difficultly I’ve encountered so far makes it easy for me to solo most bosses.  This means there is no need to form parties just yet, however there is clearly a demand at higher levels.


A great MMORPG entry that offers a lot of exciting boss battles and content.  Great, stylish anime graphics and a thriving community.  All in all a very good MMORPG.





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