5 Good Games like Command and Conquer

Strategic planning, mapping out your every move, and that rush of outshining your competitors, I too am a fan of the Command and Conquer games. For those who are looking for something a little different, there are a series of games like command and conquer, which are not only going to challenge you, but probably have you addicted for years to come.

I might also add that there is a Command and Conquer Red alert app that is pretty fun if you haven’t tried it out yet.

These are features I used to find the games like command and conquer below:

  • Command style, tactical shooter play, giving you full command of your fighter, and combats you encounter during play.
  • Real time strategy play. Allowing you to make moves “on the go,” and pass through various stages during play.
  • Interactive campaign where you can select and move units into position by clicking
  • Ability to build and maintain
  • Multiplayer Battles and co-op battles

Basically, you want a story, development throughout play, and a tactical style shooter series, which will make the game intriguing as you progress through the phases of play. No matter what it is that initially drew you to the popular game, these are a few of the top games like command and conquer, for those who love that classic action, fast paced style of play online.


1. Starcraft II

In my opinion nothing really comes close to starcraft yet in terms of the most all around polished and balanced real time strategy game to date.   Many people will be deterred from the game as the multiplayer mode is very competitive and it takes literally years of practice and research before you can up your skill to master or grandmaster level.   Very few games show such clear progress, meaning the more you put into the game the more improvement you will see.

Starcraft II continuously releases new expansions and updates adding new units and campaigns.  This makes the gameplay evolve constantly allowing people to make new strategies instead of relying on the same old tricks.

There is a campaign mode for each of the 3 races that leads you on a journey through the wars between the three races.   The campaigns are very similar to command and conquer, however potentially a small amount shorter.    I wouldn’t say the story is any better or worse than C&C, there is room for improvement for both games.   For each expansion that is release, more campaign modes are added.

2. Rise of Nations

One of the more successful real time strategy games to date doesn’t disappoint for those who are looking for games like command and conquer to add to their gaming library. Accessibility to players, strategic development as you move through the game, and improved tactical style, shooter, fighting action, as you progress through the nations. Not only does the game tell a story, it allows you to develop your own place in history, and give your player a unique place atop the fighters he will encounter during play.

Some might compare this game to Ages of the Empires, you will notice one distinct difference between.   You begin with footmen and horsemen in the early stages of the game and eventually tech into futuristic units like planes and tanks.   This does take time however, you can expect most games to take between one and two hours.

The gameplay is slower than command and conquer with an overall less competitive atmosphere through the game, however the game does have it’s hardcore competitive following as well.

They have also released another game called Rise of Legends with a fantasy take and different gameplay.

3. Company of Heroes 2

This a a unique and potential more realistic take on real time strategy games.   Where most RTS games have a heavy focus on having the correct unit composition, this game takes more advantage of how you use and destroy the scenery.   Don’t get me wrong, having the correct unit composition is also very important in Company of Heroes 2.

Really shines on the campaign modes where each level is unique and different.  The game is also really fast paced and will keep you at the edge of your seat the entire game.

There is no resource collecting which gives you full focus on your troops and how you control them.   You are a general and generals sit back and bark orders!

4. Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne.

This game is becoming one of the older releases on this list, it has to be at least 12 years since I’ve played it (released in 2003, yet still decent graphics)

The game operates very similar to starcraft with the addition of hero units that level up while you play.    When these heroes level they gain specialized powers that are enough to turn the tide in any battle.   Each race has four different heroes to choose from for each of the four races: Orcs, Night Elves, Humans, and Undead.   If you have ever played World of Warcraft, you will find an enormous amount of Easter eggs from this game spread throughout.

games like command and conquer, warcraft 3, the frozen throne

Warcraft 3 also features a nice campaign and like starcraft a brilliant map editor. People have created some brilliant games such as tower defense and bounds that you can play with other players.  This game can be bought for under 10 dollars now and still has an active community.   There are also rumors that Warcraft 4 may surface in the near future.

5. Shattered Union

Focusing on the combat side of the gaming field, players are going to fight through the US, in modern times. They will go through various battles, challenges, enemies, and try to outshine their competitor nations which are trying to take them down throughout various stages of the game. A tied vote and disputed election is where the game begins. Of course things begin to unravel, wars, fighting, and backlash ensues. A challenging game, focused more on defeat, fighting, and ability to maneuver tough challenges as you advance through different areas of the US during play.


Other Games

6. Universe at War

7. Age of the Empires

8. Total War Genre

9. Your going to hate me for this,  however you might check out this browser game called battle for the galaxy.

10. R.U.S.E

Set in Germany during WWII, this is a real time, fighter, strategy game. The player is invaded on all sides by the Allies, and has to determine the best approach to obviously escape. Of course things are not so obvious, as you are surrounded by the enemies, trying to encounter an escape route, and trying to properly differentiate who you can trust, versus which Allies you can’t trust. From countering intelligence challenges, to learning how to use proper strategies of fighting along the way, player’s skills are challenged, and their ability to think quickly and move in real time, allows them to survive the various challenges faced during this war-torn period of play.

11. Empires & Allies

Relying on modern day technology, weapons, and modern day training in the field of combat, you are entrusted with building the ultimate base to protect yourself and the team you develop. Facing an attack raid by other players, you must determine the best methods to remove yourself from the dangers you will encounter along the way. You need to build your skill sets, move quickly, and learn how to properly fight the different threats you encounter during the raid, in order to avoid losing your natural, limited resources, and in order to keep your team alive during this challenging tirade period. Players begin at lower levels, and as they advance through fights and defeat enemies, gain points and higher rank as the game play unfolds on screen.




Thanks for checking out these game suggestions, feel free to add your own in the comments below.

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