Allods Online 2017 Still Worth Playing? Breakdown Review

If  you have been in the MMORPG world for any length of time, chances are you have heard of Allods Online. Especially if you have looked into free version of games like World of Warcraft then this game will pop up. But for a game released in 2011 can Allods still hold a candle in 2017?

If you don’t want risk wasting the hours downloading and playing Allods only to find out you hate it, don’t worry, we did it for you!

allods online

So what does Allods have to offer? Let’s make a quick summary:

  • 8 races
  • 10 classes
  • Bright, beautiful fantasy style graphics
  • Lots of quests
  • Talent tree, crafting, etc.
  • Open world
  • Auto questing
  • Tab targeting
  • Free to play and subscription servers

Allods Online is a decent game.

Character designs are fun and there are quite a variety of classes and races to choose from each with distinct and vibrant looks.

The graphics are solid, from the characters to the towns to the foliage everything looks pretty polished and realistic for an MMORPG.

The audio is well done, and the mechanics feel fairly smooth.

Allods Online is ONLY a decent game.

The quests are very basic and with the ability to auto path your character to them they feel even less important than they normally would.

After an hour of playing I was losing interest, although the game is good there was no lasting hook to keep me interested or coming back for more.

I would put my character on the auto path, it would run and chase the ball of yarn, I would go do something else online, come back when it arrived, do the kill/collect as needed, auto path back, do something else online, and then just click complete.

The quests are not original, the characters you deal with in them are not stunning, and the lack of skill or thought needed to complete them makes the entire game feel mind numbing.

allods online

The powers that you learn early on don’t take any thought in order to use them correctly. All of the enemies that you are faced with are easy to defeat and you will only die if you purposely stop attacking. If you have played other popular titles in the MMORPG genre then Allods online will feel very familiar, if not an almost exact replica.

Off to a good start!

I will say that the beginning was very enjoyable for me. I started in a flying ship, had to defend it as I the learned controls, and then it ended up getting destroyed by a giant beast despite my efforts and I was teleported to another area.

And then a big let down.

I was excited because the story seemed highly prevalent at the beginning and I was disappointed as soon I was met with quests that I skimmed through and a new journey that seemed to have nothing to do with where I just came from.

Allods Online Beginning

Allods Online Beginning

Mostly similar…a little different.

Although many possible ideas in MMORPG world have been done and it would be hard for any developer to come up with a completely new idea, Allods online feels like they never even tried. Rather than reinventing the wheel…or trying to make a new vehicle all together, Allods take the same wheel and, well…changes the color slightly?

  • Instead of just controlling your characters movement with keys you can also click on the screen or auto path
  • The game mechanics are simple and like other MMORPGs
  • There is an emoji system which is fairly unique to gaming, although not new in plenty of other areas online
  • The user interface is easy and will feel scarily familiar if you have played World of Warcraft
  • Nothing in the game (story, graphics, controls, UI, enemies, quests, battles, etc.) feels unique to Allods
allods online characters

allods online characters

Good for first timers, snooze for MMORPG players.

If I had not played any other MMORPGs before, I have no doubt that I would have enjoyed Allods. As a free alternative to other popular titles I believe it is a good option if you don’t want to pay a subscription or purchase fee.

What Allods does it primarily does them well, aside from a few glitches while auto-pathing, the game felt smooth while I was playing.

Decent free game, I would never pay money for.

At the end of the day, Allods is worth playing for a free option of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. It runs smoothly for the most par, has many of the play options that are popular, has good graphics and characters.

The downside is that there is nothing new or unique about Allods to make it stand out, addictive, or significantly better than other options currently on the market.

3 Total Score

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