6 Best Games Like Portal Check These Out

For first person, puzzle adventure games, Portal has probably become among the most well known games to date. Portal 2, its sequel, didn’t disappoint fans of the first series either. So, for those who are looking for games like Portal, and games like Portal 2, there are a few variations out there from which you can choose.

These are the biggest factors we looked for in the games like portal below.
– Unique puzzles and mechanics for an enhanced gaming experience.
– Solid story.
– Puzzles coming together to tell a distinct story through each phase of play.
– An advancing difficulty as you go through stages, creating portals throughout game play.

Of course Portal and Portal 2 have a strong hold in this distinct style of gaming play. With this in mind, there are games like Portal which will truly give players a unique way to look at puzzle challenges, and give them a different style of play to compete through different phases.

For those who like challenges, games like Portal and Portal 2 are sure to present them. These are a few of the games like Portal and games like Portal 2, which are going to challenge, provide an alternative style of gaming, and give players that challenging arena through each level, which they loved in the original series of the puzzle games.

1. The Talos Principle

Heralded by some as the best puzzle game since Portal, Talos has many of the same features. You play the game as an artificially intelligent robot who, after the end of the world begins, is in a computer program designed to find a robot with human-like thought abilities to retain the best of human knowledge. You will start in the middle of a forest, select either an easy, medium, or hard path, and then start solving puzzles to move forward in the game. These puzzles are designed to test your thought capabilities as a robot and you will be guided by a god-like character who has dark intentions you will discover as you play. The puzzles will also get harder and you will move into different areas to solve them. Along the way you will also get to experience moral and philosophical questions of existence and intelligence. Talos is however missing the more comical feel that games like Portal should have.


Players will go through a number of challenges throughout this game, featuring different areas which are incomplete. As is the case with other puzzle games, you must find the missing pieces, find the areas which are “abstract” or incomplete, and properly maneuver your way through play, in order to complete the series and stages you go through. A little on the easier side, but a game which does progressively get more difficult as you go through the puzzles, challenges, and attempt to differentiate between which areas are complete, and those which have to be completed throughout play.

3. Quantum Conundrum

Blending platforming with puzzles, this first person games is similar to the Portal series. You have the ability to shift into different dimensions at various stages in the game. Through each level, puzzles become more challenging, styles of play will change, and you are forced to move through more challenging platforms, until you reach the top of the game’s tougher challenges.

4. The Swapper

In this game, you clone yourself, in order to make your way through the abandoned space station. Of course each area of the station is a unique puzzle, which forces you to work through a unique challenge, in order to reach the next phase of the game. You explore futuristic stages, unique puzzle challenges, and face a new platform of development at each phase of the game.

5. Fez

For those who love puzzle games, and love platform games, this is one which is going to provide the challenge and allure of both, rolled into one. Players go through a varied game world, exploring different challenges, tasks they must complete, and puzzles they have to decipher, in order to move through the phases and stages as the game gets progressively more challenging. The artefact in the game discovers a unique skill, and eventually explodes into several pieces (this is the puzzle you are going to build as you move through each stage of the game). Fun, distinct, and a challenge in its own right.

6. Infinifactory

You are thrown directly into an alien controlled facility in this game, and are forced to create assembly lines from point A to point B. Going through each line, you are going to encounter new challenges on each line, distinct pieces, and different shapes or characters in each puzzle phase of the game. The leaderboard is quite competitive in this game. You are given a series of unique blocks you have to piece together, and of course through each phase of the assembly line, they are going to get tougher and tougher to put together. Fun,, challenging, and a truly different style of play for those who want to find games like Portal.

Honorable Mentions

Binary Sparks

Developed by one of our community members, Binary Sparks features puzzles, blocks, and interactive elements that you have to utilize to solve problems in the game. Although this game is still a work in progress, the first few levels are playable and we are excited to see where it goes in the future.   Try the Demo

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